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Tekken 6 Backdash Tier List

Stage 1.
Initial investigations
Starting from Position Reset Position. Tested each character versus Paul's standing jab and his df+2. The intention being

to test a high and a mid move, so that changes in stance wouldn't always affect a characters ranking.

Results are as follows
The number refers to how many frames Paul has to hold forwards, before he is in range to hit, which is a marker for how far

back the opponent has backdashed from that initial position.

Backdash vs. Jab tier list
Asuka 28
Alisa 26
Anna 26
Lars 26
Ling 26
Miguel 26
Raven 26
Steve 26
Zaf 26
Bryan 25
Feng 25
Julia 25
Law 25
Lili 25
Nina 25
DJ 23
Drag 23
Ganryu 23
Lee 23
Roger 23
Wang 23
Yoshi 22
Leo 21
Baek 20
Hei 19
Bruce 18
Hwo 18
Jin 18
Kazuya 18
Paul 18
Aking 14
Bob 14
King 14
Kuma 14
Marduk 14
Jack6 08

Special note
Eddy, Christie and Lei are very hard to determine, as stance plays a big role in whether a character is hit or not. With

these characters jumping all over the place, consistent results were hard. I tried each time to start from as close to the

initial animation frames as possible, and to err on the side of lower numbers where results were unreliable.

If Eddy were on the chart, his ranking from the middle would be 27, when he backsteps from his right or left side it can be

as high as 45. Christie's middle ranking is 26, when she backsteps from the sides it is up to 44 on the right and 43 on the

Lei is 28 from the middle, and 29 on the left, 34 on the right.

SO, all of these characters are right near the top of the rankings, exactly how high is hard to be definitive on.

df+2 Ranking
Lars 25
Miguel 24
Steve 24
Alisa 23
Lili 23
Raven 22
Zaf 22
Asuka 21
Wang 21
Anna 20
Bruce 20
Law 19
Lee 19
Ling 19
Roger 19
Julia 18
Nina 18
Baek 17
Bryan 17
Paul 17
Ganryu 16
Hei 16
Hwo 16
Bob 15
DJ 15
Feng 15
Jin 15
Kazuya 15
Aking 14
Drag 14
Kuma 14
Yoshi 14
Leo 13
King 12
Marduk 11
Jack6 8

Combined Ranking
Lars 51
Miguel 50
Steve 50
Alisa 49
Asuka 49
Lili 48
Raven 48
Zaf 48
Anna 46
Ling 45
Law 44
Wang 44
Julia 43
Nina 43
Bryan 42
Lee 42
Roger 42
Feng 40
Ganryu 39
Bruce 38
DJ 38
Baek 37
Dra 37
Yoshi 36
Hei 35
Paul 35
Hwo 34
Leo 34
Jin 33
Kazuya 33
Bob 29
Aking 28
Kuma 28
King 26
Marduk 25
Jack6 16

So the expected names near the top, even if the order isn't quite right.

Stage 2.
However, the next question then was, how much of this is a reflection of the bigs just being further forwards compared to

the smaller characters? Could they be backdashing just as far, but with a handicap.

The first way I looked at this was purely visual. Overlapping images of two-three characters gives a fairly good indication

of how far they are moving. My personal feeling is that there is very little difference between the distances they travel

looking at it this way.

The setup was 6 backdashes 40 frames apart, done on frames 1-2 and 4-5 of each set, then J6 running after them and tackling

them. J6 also presses f on F1 just to give a visual clue as to when the first input of the first backdash starts.

Stage 3.
Following on from the above, I wanted to find out what would happen when big characters backdash at the same distance from the opponent. Like was alluded to above, when you do position reset, the character's bases are the same distance apart, but the actually hittable distance is very variable. e.g. Jack6 can be hit by Paul's df+2 from the starting position, but smaller characters cannot.

I tried to set up a way to put each character at the same distance, and then back dash.

Step 1 involved holding back (big characters) or forwards (small characters) until they were at just the range where df+2 whiffs.

For the records
Bigs (hold back for N frames)
J6 27F
Marduk 35F
Kuma 13F

Smalls (hold forwards for N frames)
Alisa 4F
Lili 3F
Asuka 3F

After this, the same setup as before, backdash then see how many frames of holding forwards until Paul is in range to connect with df+2. The results conflicted with everything above.

Asuka, Alisa 3F
Lili 4F
Jack6 23F
Kuma 25F
Marduk 28F

So that's pretty much buggered it, and my enthusiasm for testing is done.

To me, the visual data suggests that everyone backdashes about the same distance. The initial investigations are fairly useful, as they take into account character size and initial range.

The last investigation I can't quite explain, however the setup does seem to be the most sound out of them all.