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Image doesn't show up in this forum, so will summarise the main results.
The number is the total number of frames on which a given character can sidestep towards and away from a LP and a RP. This number reflect how fast and how long their sidestep is, and so how good they are at sidestepping.

51 - Lili
50 - Alisa
47 - Nina
45 - Ling
44 - Leo, Zaf, Bruce
43 - Julia, Steve, Anna, Lee, Auka, Lars, Miguel, Raven, Feng, Heihachi.
42 - Mokujin, Roger, DevilJin, Paul, Lei, Kazuya, Armor King, Dragunov, Bryan
41 - King, Baek, Jin, Law, Yoshi, Wang
40 - Ganryu, Bob, Hwoarang
38 - Marduk
37 - Kuma
33 - Jack 6

Sidestepping LP
23-Ling, Zaf, Nina
22-Leo, Julia, Anna, Lee, Roger, Auska
21-DevilJin, Paul, Lars, Miguel, Bruce, Steve, Mokujin, Lei, Raven, Feng, Kaz, Jin, Law, Hwo, Hei, Yoshi, Wang
20-Baek, Dragunov, Bryan
19-Kuma, Bob, King, Aking, Ganryu

Sidestepping RP
26 - Lili, Alisa,
24 - Nina
23 - Bruce, Armor King
22 - Ling, Leo, Steve, Lars, Miguel, Raven, Feng, Heihachi, Dragunov, Bryan, King
21- Zafina, Julia, Anna, Lee, Asuka, Mokujin, DevilJin, Paul, Lei, Kazuya, Baek, Ganryu, Bob, Marduk
20 - Roger, Jin, Law, Yoshi, Wang, Jack6
19 - Hwoarang
18 - Kuma

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