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Using stances is about knowing your opponents and their timing. You know what they do, so it should be easy.

Generally, to stop being hit out of the mixups, the first time you get into the stance - use a fast move to anticipate any opponent's "hit on reaction".

Of course, calculate the distance and use it preferably when opponent has limited means of moving (like after forcing crouch or as he's quickrolling). After some practice, your feeling will guide you without any advanced setups.

So, first time you use DGF, do DGF~4, immediately. Remember to do your best to not whiff. On block or CH, it tells your opponent a message that he can't fit in an interrupter. You can even d+1+2 at the distance and make a straight hop as you're expecting Jin's b+2,1. If they are predictable with what they do, you're at the advantage.

Next time, pause a bit. DGF (1sec)->4. Then, again use it immediately. Then pause a bit more.

It's just the matter of mixing timing so your opponent isn't confident with interrupting. Play with it by yourself, it's a great fun reading your opponent.
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