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Originally posted by BlackPriest
CS: Mishima punishment = rape. Ewgf's at i14 (Kaz at i13), 1,1,2 for a i10 KND, Kazy's b+1,2 for a W! with great dmg at i11, good WS punishers, and the list could go on and on... But I don't necessarily want Namco to give Drag punishers that tie him w/ the best chars in the game, anything that knocks/wallsplats between -12 and -14 would be great and highly needed.

i dont mind if namco can give drag at least 1 or 2 punishes that can at least have a KND...

if namco made b+4,3 i14 id rape use that a lot!

do you think theres a chance that some moves will have frame changes if they plan on making another tekken console game?
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