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Originally posted by aris
I dissagree with this post so much i almost want to delete it. j/k

b43 is drag's only good whiff punisher for minor whiffs off backdash. I see whiffs in three tiers,

Major whiff = CD2

Somewhat major whiff = CD1

Minor whiff = b+43

His counter hit confirmable b421 is one of the best rage comeback tools in the game (along with his 1,2,1 with CH confirm). b43 being 14 frames would be quite good but it is very debatable if it is worth losing CH b421 for. Though he doesnt have a i14 punisher that knocks down, 4,1 seems to be acceptable enough at this point. Perhaps ive just learned to live with shitty i14s.

Interesting thought though.


I was just saying that every time I hit somebody with b+4,3 I think about the fact that I could have juggled him with d/f+2 and that's annoying. Plus ppl get (somehow) away with too much punishable stuff against Drag with their back to the wall (especially -12 to -14 stuff bothers me when I play Drag)...
b+4,2,1 does crazy dmg on CH and in rage yes, but again, being i15 the fact that I could have juggled them with d/f+2 for maybe even a juggle to wall combo bothers me sometimes.

But than again it's just me, and I can only speak about midlevel play, unlike you.
*envy* :madasfok: lol

EDIT: Ok, thanks. Strangely Law turns bright again w/ hit analisys on a few frames before d/f+2 hits in practice mode. I know this is often the case for moves that can transition to a stance, but since you can't transition to DSS after a BT 2,2 I was unsure.