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Originally posted by BlackPriest

b+4,3 has not to many uses aside from doing tons of dmg when you get a wallsplat with it.
Namco should have really made this move i14 (maybe removing the NCc properties of b+4,2,1; that wouldn't bother me much), seeing as how Drag has no punisher that knocks down from -10 to -14.

I dissagree with this post so much i almost want to delete it. j/k

b43 is drag's only good whiff punisher for minor whiffs off backdash. I see whiffs in three tiers,

Major whiff = CD2

Somewhat major whiff = CD1

Minor whiff = b+43

His counter hit confirmable b421 is one of the best rage comeback tools in the game (along with his 1,2,1 with CH confirm). b43 being 14 frames would be quite good but it is very debatable if it is worth losing CH b421 for. Though he doesnt have a i14 punisher that knocks down, 4,1 seems to be acceptable enough at this point. Perhaps ive just learned to live with shitty i14s.

Interesting thought though.