Expulsion of Fury
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I guess I'll edit the lists and include 4,1 on -14 moves where appropriate. I'll write 4,1 first and then f+4,4. That way it's clear that 4,1 should be used for punishing (unless 2 dmg more could kill them; I doubt it's possible to see a 2 points difference in the 180 hp lifebar though) and it's clear which moves are -14.

Oh, and:
The BR Drag forums are very good actually compared to other char specific forums, I felt this was the only thing missing. Couple that with the fact that I really need to improve my own punishment and this work is actually enjoyable.
But obviously I appreciate any help, so keep posting when you feel I missed something or if you have suggestions for the lists.
The only somehow frustrating part about it is searching the frame datas before doing the actual testing. INA is often the only source, and while being very accurate for the most part, the different notations and the fact that I must rely on the translator plugin of Firefox for the text (because I don't understand Japanese unfortunately) is a pain...