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Originally posted by aris

1+4- Block the first hit and uf,n+4.

f+212 is 4,1 punishable.

df+21- f+1+2 on block from any range.

uf+4,3 and uf+4,3,1- Its best to punish both with 1,2 and CH confirm for the last hit. You can also punish both with 4,1.

Also as a side note. I understand that you are putting f+44 as a punish for -14 but I would strongly reccomend always punishing a -14 with 4,1 unless its impossible.

f+44 = i14, 35 damage and 0 frame advantage on hit.
4,1 = i12, 33 damage and +8 on hit.

Wether or not you feel like changing those or you even agree with me, i thought i would just throw that out there.


Yes, I feel the same. 2 damage more is just not enough compared to the awesome frame advantage of 4,1 in an actual match, and 35 dmg is very bad for a 14 frames punisher.
However, I guess we should keep the punish list this way, because this way it's clear what moves are -14, just in case someone wants to use other moves like a f,f+1+2 grab for example.
But then again that's just me. And the downside is that f+4,4 has better range than 4,1, thus making it impossible too see where 4,1 can be used instead of f+4,4 if I keep the list this way.
Ideas everybody? Shall I edit it?

Tyler: Thanks, will include this when doing the punishment list for Marduk.

EDIT: Wang is up.

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