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BP: Great job, Ill be digging through this thread with a fine toothed comb because thats pretty much how I practice anyway. Ill post my oppinions when I have them and let you edit how you see fit.

On feng,

122, you can duck the third hit and punish with WS 2. If he went backturned, you launch him backturned, and the following combo is possible.
WS+2, f+4, b+21, 132, B!

b+2,3,4,2, You can manual low parry the second hit for 45 points of damage (practice mode says 35 but its 45) or you can b+3+4 punch parry the 4th hit.

BT 2,2, You have other ways to deal with this move other then block.
1-b+3+4 the second hit.
2-qcb+2 the second hit.
3-SSL and punish.

qcf+1 is punishable with WS 1+2

Thats all I know for feng, Ill move on to other characters asap.

Once again, great job.

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