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Originally posted by Doc odD
I played the entire SM with King on medium and no mummy mask. I only saw the pink version playing a ghost with the name SeViliN_FJ. Definitely want to get this.

Are you indicating in your quote that some items may not be available until you reach a certain rank?

Hi All, this is my first post so apologies if I get anything wrong.

I too have been hunting for the Mummy mask, thats why I signed up here to see if anybody had any info, but it seems no more than me. On my PS3 I have earned 121 different face items for king by playing SC on hard with increased drop rate items, I have found that the hidden stages yield the most item drops, in particular the Roger level is easy and will usually give at least 10 crates per run through, 4 of which tend to be face. I have won mechanical and helm(helmet) and every kind of mask imagineable in every colour but yet still no mummy mask, I have also got pretty much every other non buyable item for king, i.e. knit cap, cowboy hat, headband and metal headband etc. Also I have too played on ghost against the pink SeViliN_FJ with the mummy mask, so I know it must be possible to get it but 121 face items later and I still am hunting. Just thought you might like to know you are not the only one.

Good luck

P.s. if anyone wants to King VS King then my PS3 name is "Bamberclam", invite me, always up for trading tactics.