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I have learned to do exactly the same Kazu-Yoshi-girl.
but the problem is, i dont want to play like that.
i only really go cheap when i'm vs a christy or eddy, every one of those is always a move repeater, and if they do that. its over with the fun and they can expect a lot of u+3+4 and d/b 3,3,3,3's. They always seem to fall for those. I've never met 1 good christy or eddy. ( ofcourse that might be not so great a claim since i haven't got tekken 6 that long yet lol )

but i dont want having to be cheap only to win a match. I've played a lot of DOA4. and i mostly played Ryu Hayabusa as my main there. There's a lot of similarities between him and Yoshi. but there i had the feeling that i had a bit more control then with Yoshimitsu in tekken 6. i didnt necessarily have to be cheap there to win, and honestly those gave me a lot more interesting matches. if you know what i mean.

edit : urgh i've got matched with 5 kings in a row. and all they did was 1 combo. a lot of grabs. But thats no problem. the problem is : as soon as i was on the ground they started downkicking me in a corner. thats all they did. occasionally mixing up with a mid attack. i can't believe people actually WANT to play like that. its the most stupidest thing every. and i'm entirely frustrated now /rant.

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