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Originally posted by SridharsVs
Here is what I think of Baek:

I have been learning Baek lately and I found out that Baek is a totally risky character. Most of his moves are too risky to pull off.

IMO all of his fla cancels d+4,3,3,3~fla, d/f+4,4,3~fla can be interrupted with a hopkick for a CH launch. I am pretty sure that the hopkick works even after getting hit by CHd+4,3,3,3~fla.The only safe fla cancel Baek has is 1,2,3~fla~d/f+1 which cannot be interrupted. d+2 also interrupts all of his fla cancels except (1,2,3~u_1,2,3~d) and 1,2,3~fla~d/f+1.The same also goes for the hopkick.

Now the only problem is with the 3 ender. The 3 ender is unsafe to start with and can also be ssed easily. At the most,Baek players can end with the 3 ender for an easy CH Double over stun. The stun is easy to spot and can easily be escaped with a ~f tap.
So, if one keeps performing hopkicks after d+4,3,3,3~fla, d/f+4,4,3~fla and ws+4,4,3~fla he could either get a free launcher or could get hit with the 3 ender which is relativey safe when compared to other options which an opponent could do.
I am not sure if this correct, so correct me if this wrong.

???? Never studied him.

Just thought I'd pop in to say that every single aspect of your post is wrong. And no I am not going to be more helpful than that. Good luck with your Baek progress.
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