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Noooo, I can't believe that you want the Tekken 4 flash back. Many, many times I even didn't know what I have just stolen, the random factor was too random.

I would rather vouch for 1+3+4 being a lot faster, say: 10 frames and a good pushback/nothing on whiff. It would help in our fight for spacing.

(But anyway, that we do everything to space ourselves away just means that Yoshimitsu is very disadvantaged. Every character in Tekken has something to use upclose. It enrages me, Yoshimitsu used to be in my feeling the best balanced character in the game, he had something useful for every range.)

d+2 should be a true high crush, just like his d+2 basic punch was. That it isn't is a true joke and ... I just hate it. I don't have anything nice-crushing besides low kicks upclose, which sucks.

More 1SS - NSS transitions after any hit that draws Yoshi's sword (b+2,1, d+2,2, CD 1, and so on). It would be extremely nice.

More unique moves from NSS stance.

Ability to start a round in NSS.

FC, d/f+4 is not okay in my opinion. Gosh, it doesn't even launch on normal hit. Considering this fact, it should have lesser disadvantage on block. It should have around -13 to be a well-balanced move. I would even take away the CH juggle, I CH with it rarely anyway. But it should be safer on block, my opponents just see it. This way, Yoshimitsu's FC game would be better but not overpowered anyway.

I would also fix d/b+2,2,2s to the state of Tekken DR. It should travel further, have better priority.

4~3 should never, ever be hit by a high move.

SS+1 should be fixed, it's getting worse and worse every released Tekken.

MED 3 should launch as it used to, BT 3 should be as before.

Flash... don't know. The range is very short indeed. If they want to keep flash as it is, they should fix both b+1+2 and u+3+4 to evade better because now I'm taking more hits than evading anything.


About "joke"... once I picked Yoshi and the random sheep stage appeared... my friend got nearly beaten by my own hands as he said "oh, a joke character on a joke stage!".

Playing Yoshi is stressful enough, I'm not in the mood to withstand suck jokes.

Goddammit... Namco has hurt Yoshi very bad. I can play better with characters I don't know a sh*t about, just 1/6th of my knowledge about Yoshi... and be more successful than with him. So something is not right at all. Something about Yoshi's moves, they just don't work as they should. Namco exagerrated with toning down frames and hitboxes.

I can feel it clearly when I switch to Jin, for example. His moves "just connect", without much effort, without much care about alignment and so. And Yoshi? I switch to Yoshi and suddenly I feel that I always "barely miss" - the timing, the spacing, the positioning.

Again complains... but I'm just sad about my beloved character's nerfs.
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