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I'm getting ready to take my concerns to Namco themselves although I'm not sure how effective making a few points on the message board will be but I do intend for someone on the development team to see this or something along the lines of that. I'm gonna be concise and simple about it;

-BT 3 and MED 3 to launch on hit like they did in TK6.0. Reverse B! has proven to be useless and the only thing I can do that fast and safe enough is d+1.

-Flash Range increased(TK6.0 or TK5.0), I'm sure this move was created to stop pitbullers so I really would like an explanation for nerfing it in the first place when BR came around because as of now I have no useful move to gain an offensive again once I'm pitbulled.

-Increase the speed of d/f+2,2 and d+2,2 slightly. These moves, at first glance seemed like great weapons for close range but they come out a little too slow.

-Either fix F,f,4 to where I can use it as a juggle starter like TK6.0 or give us the old F,f,4 from TK5 and so on.

-Fix FC df+4 because it is so predictable in BR as opposed to TK6.0 where it served Yoshi tricky playstyle prefectly.

That is all I guess, I don't wanna ask for too much but I'd love for yoshi to play more like his TK6.0 form where he was actually a threat instead of the joke that he is in BR, but I do feel proud when I win with him and go on a winning streak and then get kicked out of the lobby for winning too much .

Does anyone else have ideas they would like me to present.

I'm having problems with pulling off a B2,1,KIN,F+2 after Flash,d+1+2, I've done this by accident on small and big characters but whenever I try to purposely do it, I always miss the B2,1,Kin,F+2 and get punished for it.
@ 6:28 Noko uses DRG stance and makes the sword spin like crazy and I've tried using it as a victory jig occasionally but I can't get it spin like that.