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MED 3 for me is mostly as a BT~MED (i.e. after accidentally floating hopkickers from ws+2,1~ or BT 3), sometimes as oki tool, its range is slightly further than getup kick i think.

I'm not quite sure either but u/f+3+4 seems to have some distance tracking (not homing properties) on BR, it would hit rather well on sleeping opponents at all possible distances (like u/f+1+2~d), sometimes even causing a BT hit (@_@)

u/f+3+4 for me is mostly on sleeping opponents, however against opponents who tech often d/b+3s all the way.

A trivia thing for u/f+3+4, seems like u/f+3+4,b+1,3+4_4 are all guaranteed on counterhit(?). And when near wall, sometime the whole string even hit opponents behind Yoshi (u/f+3+4,b+1,4).

u/f+3+4, d+1+2 do not whiff as much post B! near wall tho.

2nd stomp of u/f+3+4, 3+4 is techable after first hit (on grounded opponents), beware....

Basically at wall you can experiment with W! f+1+2 B! d/f+1, u/f+3+4,b+1,4

the whole string after d/f+1 is techable, but if opponent tech wrongly, gets to 'eat' the whole string, leading to a free BT d+1 (or ~3+4 MED 3 if opponent is 'stoned' from seeing Yoshi doing a backturned juggle)

not too good for a 'neta' move (compared to Nina and such), you could also try post wall bounce ~SS+1~SS tricks, but I doubt it works better than the cartwheel stomp series.
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