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Here's some random info, mostly stuff that is worth mentioning but non long enough for a separate section.

Hitting BT opponents
Paul's options on BT opponents are pretty limited because unlike other chars he doesn't have a high damage string that is guaranteed on BT opponents and he doesn't have a move that stuns BT opponents and gives followups neither.
Other than using backgrabs, you can juggle them with d/f+2_u/f+4 and do a f+2, f+2, b+1,2 B! d+4:2:1+2_qcf+2_f,f+2:1 combo or do one of the below strings:
3,2, d+1+2: i15 mid NC string followed by d+1+2; inescapable to their backs for nasty 75 damage (39 + 36)
d+1,4,2: i14, starts with a mid and hits BT for 62 damage
f+2,3,1: i12, connects on BT for 59 damage; is guaranteed also at an angle of 90 ? or more; the first two hits are high and duckable unfortunately
d+4:2:1+2: i15, at clean range it trips them as usual, out of clean range the d+4 won't trip them and the rest hits them in their backs for 65 damage
d/f+1,1,2: i14, connects on BT for 51 damage but the damage is only 1 point more than a backgrab; connects at an angle of 90 ? or more though, making it a much better than option than sidegrabs with their predictable escape
qcb+3,2,1: i20, connects on BT for 70 damage and won't trip them on counter if they're BT, but comes out very slow unfortunately

Countering low stances
Some low stances in the game will make highs and even some high hitting mids whiff. Here's a list of mid moves that will connect on certain stances:
AOP (Ling): can be punished with f+1+2 _ qcb+1 (these two won't B! her stance alone) _ d/b+2 _ 3,2 _ d+1 _ b+2
TNT (Zafina): can be punished with f+1+2 _ qcb+1 (these two will B! her face first for her stance alone) _ d+1
RLX (Christie/Eddy): can be punished with f+1+2 _ qcb+1 (these two won't B! the stance alone) _ d+1

Reversal spamming opponents
When fighting people that spam reversals, other than chickening them Paul has a few options that can make them wish they were not so blatantly obvious with their reversals.
qcf+1: launches
b+3: launches at close range
f,f+2:1 or FC d/f+2,1: with the first hit being an elbow and the second being guaranteed if the first hits, these moves are a good option too; f,f+2:1 works very well at a range; both moves knock _ W!
b,f+1: evasive elbow, knocks _ W!
SS+1: evasie elbow, knocks _ W!
qcf+3+4: mini-launcher out of qcf, good at midrange
any low (preferrably something damaging like qcf+1+2 or d+4:2:1+2): if they're reversing mids and highs you get a nice opening for a damaging low

Moves with properties that deserve a honourable mention
3,2 or d/b+2: these quick mids hit pretty low and can pick-up a lot of technically jumping moves (even Ling's forward roll AOP f+3+4 or even her normal forward roll f+3+4 if you hit her early) and tons of other stuff and stances (e.g. ChrEddy's HSP, Alisa's SBT and DBT) for a floater

Thanks to:
- So Ronery, Dilly, StreamerX, Night Child, Sharog, Shinjin, Runemaster, USMCOgre and WCMaxi for sharing strats
- ShadowSprinter for testing stuff with me that I couldn't test alone in practice mode
- tyler2k and his Manifesto in the Drag forums for the inspiration

Written by BlackPriest exclusively for
This may be distributed freely but please leave everything (including thanks & credits) intact.

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