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The mid elbow followed by a low launcher. Horrible move, do not use this. It?s easy to see and to lowparry on reaction and -19 on block (though with very far pushback). It?s not even useful anymore against a BT opponent like in previous Tekkens, because they can easily BT u/f,N+3 or BT u/f,N+4 for a free hit while your low punch will miss, or BT b,b,d/f to evade it.

Cancel of the second hit, same as above, although the cancel is more predictable, and they have much more time to interrupt your mix-up after the 2 compared to the standing f,f+2,1~b counterpart. After the cancel f+grabs can be used (to do grabs out of WS) or even a basic WS+1_WS+4_FC low mix-up.

The first two hits of this are ok because they launch and cover a quite good distance quite quick. f,f+3,4 should be used merely to punish stuff from mid to long range, but it?s -13 and on block so not launch punishable by most of the cast, and sometimes people wait for the 3rd hit to come out for punishing.
The first two kicks are technically jumping and low crush, the last 4 is safe on block but high and duckable. The move can be used as a bait with opponents back to wall if they don?t expect the 3 kick that wallsplats, although it is not very effective for that purpose, unless they?re getting up in front of a wall. In this case you can f,f+3,4 hoping to catch them recovering and follow up with the 4 if they stay grounded to avoid the f,f,+3,4 and get right up after it. Still not extremely useful, and Paul has better options for pressuring people near walls, but it?s nice to know it?s there.

Mid option of the above string. First two hits are the same with the same properties, the last hit still knocks down but is mid and unsafe on block (-14).

Same as above but with a low ender that comes out a bit slower, doesn?t trip and is launch punishable on block. Not really useful in this version of the game (aside from the fact that it left you without oki follow-ups, this used to be Paul?s strongest wall combo in previous Tekkens but does not work consistently as a wall combo anymore) and kinda obsolete.
You could use it as a low poke if you think it could connect but be aware that you?ll get juggled on block. Paul has better and less obvious low options.

A good mid juggle starter for midrange, though with the downsides that it takes long time to come out and it can get sidestepped easily. If you use it wisely w/o spamming it and in combination with your tracking f,f+2:1 at midrange though the move isn't bad: safe on block and can be followed up with a WS+4_WS+1 to beat out tons of stuff or with a SS to create whiffs, it crushes lows, juggles on any hit, does ok damage and can even be used as a midrange oki option sice it hits grounded and will juggle them if you hit them early enough while they try to quickstand or do get up kicks.

90 damage unblockable. Takes 63 frames to come out and thus nobody gets ever hit by this. Its only use is to punish certain moves that nobody uses anyway? Scrub stuff.

Evasive high move that does good damage and is ok if you anticipate an attack. Downside is it?s duckable, bad on block and half of your lifebar on whiff if you don't anticipate something with.
Not a move that you can use often, but if you connect it know that they must backroll (they can?t tech after it) to escape oki follow-ups.

Definitely one of the best moves in Paul?s arsenal. This high JS comes out in 19 frames on perfect execution, high crushes, has very high damage potential and is safe on block, though -7 and duckable. Still a great move.
qcf+1 can also be used as a juggle filler for good damage or post B! to carry them to the wall or to set up oki options.

qcf+2 (aka Deathfist)
Paul?s signature move, pretty unsafe (-15 on close and -17 on far range block) but most of the cast can't get a launch due to pushback. This mid is i15 on perfect execution, does 38 dmg on normal hit, 57 on clean hit, 45 on normal CH, 68 on clean CH and can do roughly 50% in rage mode. It also has some basic tracking to the right but can be sidestepped/sidewalked fairly well. It's generally not advisable to use deathfist for attacking too much, against better ppl you'll get punished or stepped and launched almost all the time.
The move is mainly a good long range punisher for blocked moves that have enough pushback to make your other i15 punishers (d/f+2 and hopkicks) miss, and it's arguably Pauls best whiff punisher for most backdashed whiffs (for SS whiffs use d/f+2) being mid and at very good speed, range and damage.
Another aspect of Deathfist people usually do not talk about is a psychological one. Though this move is not really usable for attacking, people fear it because of the outrageous damage potential it has. Having such a powerful tool in your arsenal plays with peoples minds. Chances are they?ll duck much less and block high when they see a qcf motion or when they?re with their back to the wall, which increases the usefulness of your lows and duckable highs.
For i15 deathfist execution training, select Asuka as the dummy, go to practice mode - defensive training and have Asuka do her 1,2,3 string. Now practice interrupting her with qcf+2 after the blocked 1,2 but before the 3. If you hit her you did a perfect i15 deathfist, if both your qcf+2 and her 3 trade you did an i16 deathfist (one frame too slow) and if her 3 hits you before you hit her your deathfist was i17 or slower. You can also put command history on during all of this which allows you to see your inputs. A perfect i15 deathfist should be displayed as a d,d/f,f with each directional on one frame and no additional ones and the 2 perfectly timed with the f.

Low out of your crouchdash. +1 on hit which is ok, but launch punishable on block. It does only 18 damage but isn?t u/f,N+4 punishable so compared to qcf,N,d+4:2:1+2 this move is a little less risk with much less reward on normal hit.
On counterhit it knocks them down close in FDFT position which is great for oki followups.

WS+4 out of your crouchdash. i13 at fastest execution but you can extend the qcf crouch dash for good range. Great mid poke at 21 damage, only -6 on block (which makes sidestepping afterwards a real option) and +5 on both hit and CH.
Good tracking to your right but can be easily SSed to your left at close range and if done instantly, so be sure to mix it up every now and then with moves that track to your left and lows.

qcf+1+2_FC d/f+1+2
A low launcher with good damage potential, but comes out slow and can easily been seen and blocked on reaction. -14 on block means most characters can?t get a launch, but that?s only if they don?t lowparry it on reaction.
Not extremely useful in the open (aside from the fact that it crushes highs very reliably), but can sometimes be used as an oki option. Hits grounded.

Safe mid launcher out of cd. Can be followed up with a pretty hard full combo or with a mini-combo. -9 on block and the move is a little on the slow side, so I?d say usable: yes - extemely useful: no.

qcb (or SWY)
Paul?s backsway is a very good addition to his game. The sway motion can evade some short range highs, though if you do a move out of SWY and input the qcb+button as fast as possible you will hardly even see the backsway motion, nullifying the evasive properties which are only effective if you input the button late. This makes these evasive properties less interesting combined with his moves out of SWY. Paul's SWY moves are very good, and you want to have them coming out as soon as possible instead of trying to make use of the very unreliable evading properties of the backsway.

An awesome move, hits mid and slams them down face first on hit giving you some very good oki options against an FDFA opponent, is safe on block (but -9 so I don't recommend attacking afterwards), has impressive range and juggles for some sick damage on CH. There is really no reason not to use this move unless you're playing an extremely SS happy opponent (SWY 1 is close to Paul's most linear move).
This is also one of Paul?s B! moves, and can be used as an oki option to B! opponents trying to get up, and it hits grounded.

Yet another great mid out of SWY. Safe (-8) mid that knocks/wallsplats on any hit and comes out pretty fast. A very good option for pressuring people with their backs to the walls.

High crushing low hit. Launch punishable on block, but if they try to WS punish you you can continue the string (see below).

SWY 3,2,1
This one is very good. The first low hit alone is launch punishable but if they try to punish you and you have inputted the mid 2 it will interrupt them and the 1 is guaranteed. SWY 3,2 is jab punishable but again if they try to punish and you inputted the whole command the 1 will knock them. The last hit is safe on block due to pushback but high and since the string doesn't jail in BR anymore they can duck an punish it,.
The start of this string also crushes highs, and the string is easily hit and counterhit-confirmable. If you see the 3 sweep the opponent you can input the whole string for good damage, and if they get hit by the 2 for whatever reason (if they try to WS punish the 3 _ if they attack after they get hit by the 3 _ if the 3 misses and the 2 connects) you can hit-confim the string and and input the final 1.
Awesome string that starts with a low that is hard to punish and can do good damage. The last hit can easily be ducked and punished if they block the first two hits, so I would recommend stopping at the 2 if they block it and occasionally throw out the last hit so that they don't get into a habit of jab punishing you immediately after a SWY 3,2.

SWY 3,2,3
Variation of the above string with a low ender. Not extremely useful since good players will duck after a SWY 3,2 anyway unless the 2 catches them off guard or the first 3 hits a counter, and in these last 2 cases you should input SWY 3,2,1 for better damage anyway. Also, the last hit comes out slower than the 1 in the variation above and is unsafe on block and lowparryable. Couple that with the fact that most players will duck after a 3,2 anyway and you'll see why this isn't a good option.

Safe mid WS punch that has its use for punishing some selected -10 moves but is i11 in most cases. Can also be used for punishing certain stuff for a floater and doing high damage combos after f,f+4 and has some tracking to the left (as opposed to WS+4). Other than that there isn't much use for this move in Pauls game since WS+4 is superior in both range and damage.

Your mid i16 WS launcher for the lows with bad recovery on block. Very good damage potential but -14 on block.
At i16 it's one frame slower than average WS+2's in the game, but it's not such a big thing since it has better then average range and a very low hitting hit-box, and Paul has hopkicks to punish selected -15 moves thankfully.
This should be used as your punisher for moves from -16 up to -22 on block.

Your punisher for the quick lows from -11 up to -14. Good range and a slightly better on damage then what other chars get for a blocked -11 low, unfortunately though this is also Paul's only option for blocked lows from -12 to -14 where half of the cast gets considerably better punishers.
qcf+4 from standing is also a great mid poke as explained above.

FC u/f+4 _ u/f+3 _ u/f+3,4
The same hopkicks from standing can be done also from fully crouching, with the same properties and risks. These hopkicks are very useful for punishing -15 stuff from FC though.

FC u/f,N+4
Paul?s high damage WS juggle starter for punishing the big sweeps. Just like the above hopkicks this one works from FC too at the same speed than its standing counterpart. Still unsafe on block obviously, so it should be used only for punishing stuff that is -23 or worse.

FC d/f+2
Just like f,f+2 from standing, this shouldn?t even be in the move list. Useless.

FC d/f+2,1
Fully crouching mid mid natural combo that knocks/wallsplats for some good damage but has almost no use. At i16 it?s slower than your juggle starting hopkicks and it?s punishable on block at -17 even with the pushback it causes. Could be used to get a wallsplat when your opponent is at the wall and you block a low, but consider youself lucky if an opponent gives you an opening for a 16 frames FC punishment near a wall.
The move is hit confirmable and the 2nd hit is delayable which would be an awesome thing if stopping after FC d/f+2 wouldn't leave you at -17 and in their face. Admittedly you might escape the punishment from time to time because your opponent might be waiting for the 2nd hit to come out, but it's still a high risk for a relatively low reward.

FC d/f+2,2
Same as f,f+2,2 from standing, pretty much useless.

FC d/f+2,2~B
Same as f,f+2,2~B. Not useful because it's pretty predictable, but better than throwing out the second low punch to say at least.

FC D(60 frames),u+3+4
Useless. If you ever hit this there's a followup though: turn around to your opponent in real life, look at him and tell him he?s an effing scrub.

A nice CH starter out of SS. Does good damage but I would have preferred this move being a mid considering how slow it is. Nice to throw out every now and then, but don't expect it to be extremely useful. +2 frames on block which is nice.

Very good low hit. A little on the slow side too but has a somehow deceiving animation. SS+3 is only -13 on block, does good damage and gives you +2 frames on hit. On CH you're left at +11 for a free D+2 (unless at a very max range CH SS+3 where a D+2 whiffs) and further 9 damage accordingly which is great, especially if these 9 points more could kill them. Alternatively you can always skip the guaranteed D+2 and use the +11 frame advantage for a high damage mix-up. Hell, you can even do a qcf~n~d+4:2:1+2_qcf+3+4 mix-up if you're at a distance because nobody ever attacks after eating a CH SS+3.
This move hits grounded too and is very good for pressuring people near walls.
If your opponent is aware of this move a SS can also be used fairly well for mindgames, and SS+3_SS cancel~3,2 is a damn good and unseeable mix-up.

d+2 (on grounded opponents)
Good oki stike. Gotta love fisting grounded people... If they manage to stand up and block it you?re left at -12 (and can get punished by 12 frames or faster WS moves) which is pretty standard for stomps/punches on grounded opponents.

10-hit combos
Scrub stuff, I won?t even cover them.

1 escape, 35 dmg on successful throw. Switches sides on successful throw, leaves them FUFA and gives good oki options.

2 escape, 35 dmg on successful throw. Switches sides on successful throw, gives no oki afterwards as you?ll be lying on the ground just like your opponent.

2 escape, 40 dmg on successful throw. Doesn?t wallsplat but gives +4 extra damage for wallhit if a wall is to your right. Gives no oki in the open.

left side throw (any throw on opponents left)
1 escape, 45 dmg on successful throw. Though it leaves them FUFA and would give good oki, side throws are not useful because they always have the same escape.

right side throw (any throw on opponents right)
2 escape, 45 dmg on successful throw. Though it leaves them FUFA and would give good oki, side throws are not useful because they always have the same escape.

opponent BT 1+3
Unescapable, 50 dmg. Leaves them FUFA and for good oki.

opponent BT 2+4
Unescapable, 50 dmg. Looks brutal but gives no good oki compared to the 1+3 backthrow.

1+2 escape, 40 dmg on successful throw. Leaves them FUFT and very close for a guaranteed d/b+3 or great oki.

d/f+1+3:qcf+2 or d/f+1+3:qcb+2
1 escape, 38 dmg on successful throw. Wallsplats if your opponents back is to the wall (+4 dmg for wallhit and gives a guaranteed combo). Unlike the just frame version of this grab, the second punch (the qcf+2) of he non-JF version can be escaped by tapping b even if the first part connects.

1 escape, 40 dmg on successful throw. +4 extra damage for wallhit if a wall is to to your back, but gives no wall followups or oki in the open because you'll be lying on the ground if the throw connets.

1+2 escape, 38 dmg on successful throw. Wallsplats if your opponents back is to the wall (+4 dmg for wallhit and gives a guaranteed combo), but be warned: if you?re opponents back is to the wall and he escapes this you?ll land face first in the wall, take 10 damage and eventually eat some free hits.
Switches sides on escape. Gives no oki in the open.

Tackle, fun if you can connect it in an actual match. 2 escape as soon as it connects or 1+2 flip-over reversal right before the tackled player would hit the ground. This does 5 damage and has follow-ups on successful tackle.

d/b+1+2, (1,2,1,2,1_2,1,2,1,2_1,2,1,1,2_2,1,2,2,1)
Ultimate punches, up to 5 in a row inputted alternatively unless after 3rd hit where you can switch. The escape is always the opposite punch the opponent is doing, and an initial 2 punch can be reversed by inputting 1,1,2. After 3 punches you can do an arm breaker with 1+2.

d/b+1+2, 1+2
Arm breaker, can follow 3 jabs, escape is 1+2.

d/b+1+2, 2,D+1,1,N,4,1,1+2
The Ultimate Punishment, does 61 damage and can only be escaped if the first punch (the 2) is blocked or reversed. This is the reason why good good players will mash 1 or go for the 1,1,2 right punch reversal if they get tackled by Paul. That?s unfortunate, but makes your other options that do not start with a 2 get escaped less.

b+1+3_b+1+4 (timed with an enemy mid or high attack)
Attack reversal, can be chickened by inputting f+1+3 or f+2+4 depending on the limb that attacked (for example if a 2 punch got . Though really good players can chicken it, that rarely happens even in mid-level play because the frame window is quite tight and you would need to be ready for the reversal to chicken it, so this is still a good tool. Depending on the attack you reversed a different animation will occur, and some of them leave you in good oki position.
This reverses mids and highs, but some moves (e.g. elbows and knees) in the game cannot be reversed.

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