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This is Pauls move list with my personal thoughts. I didn't list all the damages and frames (check the frame data link in the important links section above for further info - it's quite accurate), only when I thought that data was interesting.
The moves are listed in the same order as in they appear in the move list (with a few exceptions), and I included the important ones that are not in the move list.

Pauls punisher for -10 and -11. Average damage for a 10 frames punisher but +frames on hit allow for some strong followups (see frame advantages section above).

This NC is actually the start of a 10-hit combo. It's i10 and does 30 damage, but is punishable on hit for a good chunk and even worse on block. If you think this could kill them it can be used as a 10 frames punisher though.

High to low poke string, NCc but 18 dmg is pretty bad for a NCc. Can be used as a match ender but the 4 comes out somehow slow for that purpose. Only -11 on block means that you'll get punished by WS+4's. By holding d after it you can transition to FC for a basic mix-up (see frame advantages section above), but don?t overuse this move in general or you?ll get lowparried.

High, high NCc that does 41 dmg on CH and knocks down/wallsplats but is unsafe on block (-12) and can be ducked and launched.
Not a very useful string, though the 2nd hit gives a high damage combo on CH.

High to low poke string, again i10, NCc (29 dmg on counter), and again lowparryable. By holding d you?ll stay in crouch which is nice but -1 on hit and at least -12 on block (admittedly with some pushback) makes this pretty bad.
While the frame data says the last hit is -15 I think it's more likely somewhere around -12 to -14 because i15 WS punishers can be blocked..

Great multi purpose move. This i15 NC for 39 damage is safe on block but doesn?t jail so they can duck the 2 and punish if you throw it out mindlessly. This move can and should be hit confirmed to avoid getting launched, but the timing for the hit confirm is quite strict and requires some practice.
If the 2 hits a counterhit it will cause a stun where a deep dash~f+1+2_qcb+1_3,2 can be used to get a full combo.
This string works as a strong combo filler, as a post B! or post FB! move to send them flying to the wall and as an oki pickup in certain situations.

This one deserves to be in this movelist for one property alone:
CH 4 is a very common launcher throughout the game, as almost every char has this high launcher often called magic 4.
Paul's version of it is safe (only -4) on block, +6 on hit and gives a high damage combo on counter. At i12 it's great for hunting for those counter hits, and even though this move is high it opens up many possibilities in a match, especially considering Paul doesn't have any other move worth the risk at that speed (b+1,2 and b+1+2 are both unsafe and as such it's a bad idea to throw them out for anything else than punishing).
If you have problems with connecting the f,f,n+1 dash jab after the CH 4, a method that works for me is holding the 2nd forward input for a split second (the notation would be f,F+1). This helps me tremendousy with the timing of the jab. Also, be sure to do a buffered dash jab (input a f input during the recovery of the 4 and throw out the 2nd f as immediately after the recovery is over; the recovery of 4 is kinda deciving so be sure to practice the earliest possible frame for the 2nd f input). Connecting dash jabs in magic 4 combos isn't the easiest thing with Paul, but it's doable with some practice.

String with weird properties, no NC or NCc. The first two hits are NC at i12 for 33 dmg but h,h. If the first hit misses and the 3 hits a CH or if the first two hits miss and the 1 hits a normal hit (not a CH) it causes a fall back stun which must be teched to escape the f,f+3,4 launch followup. If both the first and the second hit miss or get blocked and the 1 hits the opponent on counter he will suffer a fallback stun where a quick qcf+2 or f,f+2:1 followup can combo.
Fun properties, but not much more. The final hit is a little delayable to hopefully bait out a CH, or get punished by 12f punishers. The string is gimmicky at best, not really useful.

Good damage mid poke that gives a slight + on block and puts them into crouch on block and hit. On CH it slams them back killing any good oki followups. +10 on normal hit (non CH) on crouchers which is nice but won't happen too often in a match, and the minor downside is that the move is a little on the slow side (i20) so it?s not really spammable in the open. It?s a good poke though and can be nice as an oki option as it will B! backrollers and get up kicks. This move is also useful in juggles where a b+1,2 won?t hit.

Not a good move, I seldomly use this. While it will evade some linear stuff with its built in SS and punish it, the move should really not be spammed. At i20 it?s not very fast, it?s -14 on block and therefore at least punishable for a good chunk on block (I say at least because some chars get even a launch), and chances are you would have evaded the opponents attacks with a manual sidestep too and could have punished with other things.

This poke string has its uses. It?s neither NC nor NCc, but the first two hits combo for 28 dmg and come out at 14 frames which isn?t bad for a mid start. d/f+1,1 also has close to no pushback on hit, allowing d+4:2:1+2 to trip the opponent if you like a risky high damage mix-up. The full sting is also safe on block, but it doesn't jail so they can duck the second 1 and WS punish.
If the first hit misses and the second hits a counter the rest is guaranteed and causes a crumple fall back stun that starts a nice oki guessing game (see oki section above). The last hit itself causes the same stun on hit.
The second 1 is delayable which can be used for baiting ppl into a CH (d/f+1< )1,2 which is all guaranteed, but you risk getting the 2nd hit ducked and punished. The string is still a good addition to Paul's game since DR, the good frames on hit of the first two hits as well as the last hit allowing for mind games on hit is nice, just be certain not to spam and mix it up with d/f+1 and d/f+1~b variations.

d/f+1 alone is a really good mid poke that gives +4 on hit. By inputting ~b after it Paul will go into SWY and it gives you +1 on block and +7 on hit. Sounds good on paper, but since you?re much more limited in your folloups I wouldn?t overuse this. Mix it up instead: use regular d/f+1?s, d/f+1~b and sometimes followup with a sway option. Do not always throw out a SWY move after a d/f+1~b or you?ll get predictable.

Top notch material here. This is arguably Paul's best and most used JS. It's safe on block (though with a good amount of - frames), hits mid, tracks at close range and has good damage potential.
Hits mid but doesn't juggle duckers unfortunately, but it's still a great move. Unlike unsafe hopkicks you can use this even if you're not sure if the move you just blocked was -15 or less. The move tracks to Pauls right and should also be used as the primary launcher after sidestepping something.

Mid mid NC that does 36 dmg but is -12 on block and isn't hit confirmable. Personally I almost never use the whole string because Paul has much better and safer options at that speed, the second hit is nice to have though for when the first hit gets blocked and you're fairly sure they're going to attack afterwards. On CH the second hit gives a whack breakable stun like CH d/f+4.
The first hit alone of this string is ok though, i16 mid with great range for 16 damage, safe (though -9) and gives +2 frames on hit an CH, leading into a basic mix-up afterwards with D+1_d/b+4.

Mid 28 dmg kick that doesn?t have much uses outside of juggles or wall combos. Though safe on block, it is pretty slow to use as a poke and the stun on CH can be escaped.

Awesome mid poke. It?s pretty fast at 14 frames, has good range and by inputting D+1 you can stay in crouch and start a basic mix-up (see section above). Also, d+1 is safe on block, gives +2 on hit and +6S on CH and has very little pushback, thus making d+4:2:1+2 a good (allthough risky) option if you connect d+1 on close range.
While it?s properties as a spike ender in juggles have been removed (opponents recover much faster now), it?s still an awesome move.

53 dmg NCc, KND/W!, sick damage on counter in rage mode. Pushback on block but still very unsafe, and the second hit can be sidestepped and launched. Good if you anticipate a move and CH the opponent with it but very risky, some chars even get a launch after blocking it.

By holding down the 2 you?ll get a power hit that stuns the opponent on block, removing its NCc properties. Not really useful in a match because the 2 comes out very slow and you can easily get interrupted. Due to pushback the only ok followup is f,f+4 to hopefully catch them off guard.

A whack string in the open, but great as a wall combo, as an option on BT and in certain oki situations. Against a standig opponent the last hit is -14 on block with slight pushback, and if they block the 4 you're left at -31 and open for an u/f,N+4 launch.
Admittedly in Tekken 6 this is now a real mix-up to d+1,2 because it comes out at the same speed, but the risk-reward ration is not at all in Pauls favor. Since (d+1,)4,2 is just a NCC and no NC they can just hold back and punish you for both this string and the d+1,2 mix-up, and the low kick in d+1,4,2 is less damaging than the punishment you will eat for the last hit of the string.

d+3 (or FC d/b+3 or FC d+3 or FC d/f+3)
This generic low does more damage and has more range than d/b+4, but comes out 4 frames slower at i16 and is launch punishable by most of the cast at -17 on block.
Paul already has enough lows that are launch punishable and do more damage at that speed, so I don?t find this incredibly useful.

Stupid. I don?t know why this is even in the move list. Nobody ever does this without the final
hit, and if the d+4 doesn?t trip and you stop at the 2 you?re left at -28 (-18 if you do the JF d+4:2). Newbies forget this exists, move on to the move instead?

d+4:2:1+2 (aka Demo Man)
Probably the best move in Paul?s arsenal. On clean range the 4 trips the opponent and the move naturally combos for 42 damage. Being i15 it?s also one of the fastest sweeps in Tekken. It?s unsafe on block (d+4 is -33 and u/f,N+4 punishable) but as long as you use it wisely it will do good things for you. Just be sure not to get obvious with this. A good strategy is to do qcf,N,d+4:2:1+2, since good opponents will most likely block high and be scared of attacking when they see a crouchdash because of qcf+2.
This move is also Paul?s most damaging combo ender in juggles and the last hit carries them far and makes them hit the wall quite often for further guaranteed followups.
Out of clean range the d+4 won?t trip the opponent, but you should finish the string because the last hit cannot be sidestepped anymore like in previous Tekkens and it has very good pushback (even though the last hit is unsafe too you shouldn?t get punished too bad, if at all).
Demo man can also be used fairly well as an oki option in close, with d+4 hitting grounded now and the whole string connecting as always if they teach to either direction and you're close enough.
It's also worth mentioning that d+4 is a great tool for facing sidesteppers in close, as it tracks wery well to both sides.
Advise for newbies: Practice this move (the just frame version) until you can pull it off consistently and learn the range you need to be for it to trip the opponent. Demo man is not an option in Paul?s game, it is a huge part of it.
If you have problems with pulling it off, other than learning it the old school way by doing a well a well timed d+4:2:1+2 with every button inputted precisely when the previous hits (the 2 exactly when the 4 hits, the 1+2 exactly when the 2 hits) you can also input a twice as fast d+4~4~2~2~1+2 command (make sure the inputs are linear with the exact same amount of time between them).
This technique might work very well if you're starting to learn demo man from scratch, but I wouldn't advise it if you're just seeking more consistency in pulling off the JF version but you have already learned it with the old school method. Because if you're used to pull off demo with the memorized timing of d+4:2:1+2 and by focussing on the visual clues on the screen to input the button exactly when the previous hits, this method is likely to mess up your timing. Instead of learning this new technique you might as well go back to practice mode and spend some more time on mastering the technique you have already learned.

One of Paul?s 12 frame punishers. While it does less damage than b+1,2, it will KND the opponent or give you a wall splat. It also has better range than b+1,2, so it is possible that you?ll need to rely on this one to punish certain -12 to -14 moves with pushback.
This move can also be used as a combo ender in wall combos or after a lowparry.
I sometimes see people throwing this out in the open hoping to anticipate something, and the only advice I can give you is don?t do that. I speak from experience. While that may be tempting especially if you're ahead on life and at i12 it will beat out tons of stuff, the move is -16 on block and therefore badly punishable.

d/b+1 (or FC 1)
At i10 and with it?s instant high crush this generic special mid this is a true turtle killer. Sure, it?s only 6 dmg at the risk of getting lowparried, but it leaves you at +6 and recovering WS for further follow-ups.

Very solid new poke. Hits mid, comes out pretty fast for its range, is safe on block and gives you +6 frames on hit to work with (see section above for followups).
This move also works in juggles and sometimes as an oki pickup.

16 frames instant high crush low hit. Ok poke, but -3 on hit and CH is bad, and it?s launch punishable on block, though obviously a i16 not blockable on reaction. Should be used primarily as a fast high crush.

d/b+4 (or FC d/b+4 or FC d+4 or FC d/f+4)
Generic instant high crush low poke for annoyance. Does only chip damage but comes out in 12 frames and isn?t extremely punishable at only -13 on block.
This is great for poking and for mix-ups if you don?t feel like risking a demo man or a more damaging low. Don?t overuse it though, because if they throw out one random hopkick or any other low crushing juggle starter you?ll regret it.

Paul?s second 12 frame punisher. NC for some really good damage and gives you +4 frames on hit as well as putting them into crouch (check section above for follow-ups). The 2 is delayable but outside of juggles nobody does this because delaying the 2 kills the NC properties and this shouldn?t be used as a poke anyway because it is -12 on block.
This also happens to be Paul?s most damaging B! attack.

Great damage homing mid that is safe on block, knocks on hit and gives a high damage combo on CH. The only bad thing about it is the fact that Namco nerfed its speed from previous Tekkens down to 22 frames which is pretty slow. Considering its use as a CH tracking mid and as a CH launcher it can still be useful though.

There it is, Paul?s 14 frames JS. With this move in his arsenal Paul is one of the few chars that can launch the opponent after blocking something that is -14. Admittedly it whiffs after some -14 moves with pushback on block, but it?s still a great move. It's jab punishable on block and high, so use it for punishing or catching ppl that SS to your left only.

An ok low poke, not very fast at i21 but very hard to see because of its animation. -13 on block and +1 on hit. Hits grounded.

A safe high for midrange, ridiculously high damage on counter or in rage mode. A good move to throw out every now and then at a distance.

u/b+2 _ u+2
New generic high punch that gives +9 frames on hit and CH. Nice in theory, but -12 on block and 15 frames to come out make it completely useless. There are much better and safer options considering the poor damage at that speed.

A mid jumping punch, good damage and +8 frames on block but not usable at all in a match because it takes 39 frames to come out.

A 15 frames juggles starter that does ok damage but is much more punishable on block at -17 compared to u/f+4 or u/f+3,4, so it has limited use. Crushes lows and has better range than u/f+4.

The shredder kicks, same as above (i15 juggle starter, mid, low crush) but less punishable on block at -12. These kicks do not crush punches anymore like in previous Tekkens but give a full combo now.

Paul's right hopkick JS. i15, hits mid and juggles crouchers. Since it's a TJ move, it crushes lows. Good move but not spammable because it's a little unsafe on block.

Highest damage JS on normal hit (non CH). At 30 damage it's brutal but it's slow and can only be used for blocked moves with horrible recovery (-23 or more). Unsafe on block.

Again, why is this even in the move list? Whack -18 on block, forget it exists.

Good NC. It does 44 damage, comes out fast, covers very good distance, tracks at midrange because the dash will realign yourself, wallsplats and is safe on block with so little -frames that SSing afterwards can evade many attacks. Good players will duck the 1 on block and launch you though, so be sure not to spam this move whenever you're at a distance and mix it up with occasional f,f+2,1~b's and f,f+2,1's.
If you have problems nailing this JF be sure to input the 1 exactly when the 2 hits (= with a little delay compared to a normal 2,1 input). Holding the 2 down for a split second can help you getting the right timing, as well as adding another button in between the 2 and the 1 (e.g. doing a f,f+2~4~1). This is really one of the easier just frames in the game, so getting it with great consistency should be no big deal with a little practice.

43 damage NCc, hits mid mid and wallsplats too. This should only be used when you think your opponent will try to duck the second hit of f,f+2:1 (but be aware that they can flashduck after f,f+2 and watch to react and punish both options properly) or when you think they will try to interrupt you after the 1st hit to avoid the f,f+2,1~b cancel mix-up's. Other than that this move is not extremely useful, and it?s also -12 on block and you can get interrupted between the 2 and the 1 with i10 jab strings.

Another good option for mind games. By holding back, you will cancel the second hit an can pretty much follow up with everything you want. You can catch quite a few people with this, especially if they?re scared of the second hit of f,f+2,1 an keep blocking or start ducking after the 1st hit thinking you thow out a f,f+2:1. In these cases follow up with jabs, fast mid pokes such as d+1_d/f+1, quick lows for annoyance, fast launchers such as d/f+2, 4 for a CH hunt or even demo man. I also much prefer a SS after it. As always however, don?t get obvious with it and mix your options up for good.

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