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- Punishing
- Tracking moves
- Frame advantages and follow-ups
- Mind games
- Wallsplatting moves
- Advanced strategies
- Sidestepping
- BDC (backdash cancelling)
- Sway cancelling (hayashida step _ snakedashing)
- Hitting BT opponents
- Countering low stances
- Reversal spamming opponents
- Moves with properties that deserve a honourable mention
- Thanks
- Credits

The major work for this guide is done, but I will always correct and add things if needed. If somebody noticed an error/typo or discovered something new and worth including please be sure to post in this thread or PM me and I will edit the guide.

This guide is written in the standard TZ notation, should you have problems understanding something be sure to check the legend or the jargon dictionary.

The guide is intended for all Paul players, newbies and vets alike. Its purpose is to provide Paul strats ? from basics (like a complete move analisys with thoughts) to in depth strats (like frame advantages and followup discussions) ? and improve our games with Paul.
I?ll write down things in the next days, but the more you guys contribute the better this guide will get. Feel free to correct when you see an error, and post up things you think I missed.

Paul combos
Paul punishment thread
Paul frame data
Q & A

Paul is a solid character with a very good standing punishment, a sick wall game and a good damage output.
Nevertheless I can only agree to a certain point with ppl saying Paul is an easy character for newbies. He might be a good character for total beginners and button mashers, but in mid to high level play he is one challenging character to play with, and mastering him can be very hard. He does have quite a few weaknesses and you?ll need to know how to get around these things or you?ll have no success with him even in mid-level play. First and foremost, you?ve got to be aware of Paul?s punishable moves. He has tons of unsafe moves and strings, and throwing them out in the wrong situation will get you killed, period. He does have some other weaknesses like a below average WS punishment, a lack good and fast tracking moves and a general lack of usable mid moves with + frames on block for offense, but the worst aspect of Paul's game is definitely that he is a high-risk-high-reward char, and the risk/reward ratio is often not in his favour.

Paul is a very good turtle. Lots of moves that are unsafe on block and therefore almost always not an option when attacking excel when it comes to punishing. Futher, 2 of his main punishers (namely 1,2 and b+1,2) give you good + frames on hit, thus allowing some wicked mix-ups afterwards.
His standing punishers are very good and tie him with some of the best chars in the game in terms of damage, wallsplat capabilities and speed (Paul is one of the few characters who can wallsplat at 12 frames and one of the even fewer chars that can launch at 14 frames).
What keeps Paul from being among the best turtles in the game is probably the fact that he lacks fast CH starters that scare ppl enough to reconsider their pitbulling and the fact that his while standing punishment is pretty average. Other than that he's a very good defensive character.

10f: 1,2 (22 dmg, +7) _ 1,2,3 (30 dmg; should be used only if it kills them)
12f: b+1,2 (40 dmg, +4, forces opponent into crouch) _ d+1+2 (36 dmg, KND_W!)
14f: b+3 (launch, works only at close range)
15f: d/f+2 _ u/f+4 _ u/f+3,4 _ u/f+3 (all 4 launch) _ qcf+2 (57 dmg clean_38 dmg far, KND_W!)
16f: f,f+2:1 (44 dmg, KND_W!)
19f: qcf+1 (launch)
23f: u/f,N+4 (launch)

While standing:
10f: FC 1 (6 dmg, +6)
11f: WS+4 (21 dmg, +6) _ WS+1 (14 dmg, +8)
15f: u/f+4 _ u/f+3 _ u/f+3,4 (all 3 launch)
16f: WS+2 (launch) _ FC d/f+2,1 (49 dmg, KND_W!)
23f: u/f,N+4 (launch)

Whiff punishment:
Whiff punishing is always situational, but generally speaking you should rely on 1,2 _ d/f+2 (for safeness) and b+1,2 _ d+1+2 _ b+3 (if you're sure they won't be able to block these three) in close and qcf+2 _ f,f+2:1 _ f,f+3,4 _ qcf+1 at mid to long range.
qcf+2 is probably the best whiff punisher Paul has overall, it's great for whiffs created through backdashing or whiffs that leave them a little farther away, and d/f+2 is great for punishing whiffs created through SSing of whiffs that leave them close.

Learning Paul's punishers inside out will greatly improve your game. A lot of dmg will come from punishing stuff, and you don't ever want to let an opponent know that he can throw out high-risk-high-reward moves and get away with it.
Be sure to check out the Paul punishment thread in this forum (can also be found in the important links section above) if you want to know more about punishing moves of a specific character.

Tracking moves
Paul?s tracking is pretty bad, especially considering his homing move b+2 is so slow. He does have some good moves that track to one side, but again his overall tracking is below average compared to other chars. His tracking moves are:
d+4:2:1+2: tracks both sides - fast but punishable and only for in close
b+2: homing move, tracks both sides - slow but safe
f+3: tracks both sides - fast but unsafe
d/f+2: tracks right - fast and safe but only for in close
d/b+3: tracks both sides - fast but punishable
b+3: tracks left - fast but punishable and only for in close
d/f+1: tracks left - fast and safe
3: tracks left - fast and safe

Even though I would say Paul is a better turtle, with his high damage output he can still be played quite well offensively. He?s nothing like the Mishimas when it comes to applying pressure, but with the proper use of his safe moves and mix-ups he can do the job fairly well. He also has a relatively easy time in breaking turtles with his good quick lows, painful Demo Man and his grab game.
For scoring really big damage with him though you?ll constantly need to decide on the fly which risks you can take and which risks are simply not appropriate in a certain situation. This is a trial and error thing, so don?t be frustrated if you lose a couple of matches or get punished for trying something new. After all you?ll still learn from your mistakes, and a lost match can help you improve your game (when you carefully analyze what went wrong) much more than a won match.

Frame advantages and followups
With Paul being a high risk high reward character with tons of unsafe moves, applying pressure with him can be quite difficult against a good turtle that blocks his scary lows and knows how to punish his unsafe moves. Paul only has only a few moves that give +frames on block, and some of them are difficult to use because they are slow and high. With that being said, I?ll leave the moves with no good followups on block aside (u/f+2 (+8) is too slow to be really practical and d+1,2# (+20) and will push your opponent away killing any good pressure follow-ups).

The useful moves that give + frames are:

on block:
SS+1: +8
b+1+2: +3
1: +1
f+1+2: +1 and puts opponent in crouch

on hit:
f+1+2 on FC opponent: +10 keeps them in crouch
1: +8
1,2: +7
d/f+1~b: +7
3,2: +7
2: +6
d/b+2: +6
WS+4: +5
FC 1_d/b+1: +6
b+1,2: +4 and puts opponent in crouch
d/f+1: +4
SS+3: +2
d/f+1,1: +2
D+1: +2 and leaves you in crouch
1,4: +1 and leaves you in crouch
CH SS+3: +11

SS+1, f+1+2 and b+1+2 are all slow moves and as such not the easiest to set up unfortunately, so this shows Paul's lack of usable usable +frames moves on block pretty well. On hit is a different story, but on block he definitely got the short end of the stick compared to other chars.
Below is a list of follow-ups for the actually useful frame advantages. Please note that when I say something is uninterruptible I refer to most of the Tekken cast with their fastest move being i10. There are some rare exceptions though that could interrupt you (e.g. Yoshi's flash at i6).

SS+1 (on block)
Not really a spammable move because it?s high and comes out relatively slow, but nice to throw out every now and then because it gives a combo on CH. Know however that when the opponent blocks this you?re left at +8 and can try one of the below follow-ups:
- d/f+2: uninterruptible at i15, not duckable, gives combo on hit against a standing opponent and is safe on block
- qcb+2: if you throw this one out fast enough it's i17 and as such again uninterruptible; hits mid and is safe on block
- d/b+3: uninterruptible at i16, though launch punishable on block, so use this low only when you're sure they will keep blocking high
- d/b+4: uninterruptible chip damage low; but less damage than d/b+3 but way less risk if they block it;
- grabs: with the exception of d/f+1+2 most grabs reach after a SS+1 on block, so if you think they can't break them consistently you might as well use them

b+1+2 (on block)
Again a slow high that can't be used too often in a match. It can be useful every now and then when you're at a distance to the opponent, and +3 on block with a little pushback means you can try one of these moves afterwards:
- 4: at i12 this move cannot be interrupted post b+1+2 on block and nets you a full combo if they try; be careful though, this is safe on block but can get ducked, crushed and possibly evaded
- d/b+4: again uninterruptible at i12; low damage output but not extremely punishable neither
- d/f+1_d/f+1,1_D+1: your safe mid options for when you think they start ducking; these moves can be interrupted by generic i10 jabs or moves that are i11, but that shouldn't happen too often considering you can always throw out the first option above (the 4) to deal with people that try to attack after a b+1+2 on block

1 (on block)
The basic 1 check can work very well in an offensive role. It?s pretty spammable and great to throw out when you start an attack. On block you?re left at +1, thus giving you the below followups:
- 1,2: they cannot beat out a 1,2 followup unless they have a faster than 10 frames move; safe on block
- grabs: if you trained them to block 1,2 after a 1 check you might as well mix in some grabs if you think they cannot break them consistently; can be interrupted by fast moves
- d/f+1_d/f+1,1_D+1: these quick mid options are i14 and merely for when you got trained them to duck the 1,2 or grab followups after the basic 1 check; the moves will also beat out anything slower than 13 frames
- d/b+4: i12 and high crushing, therefore interruptible only by a few mids in the game (such as FC 1 punches); not extremely punishable but parriable and does only little damage
- d+4:2:1+2: demo man comes out in 15 frames and can trip the opponent after a 1 on block; this options is very risky because on block you'll eat a FC u/f,n+4 starter and they can interrupt and CH you with moves that are faster than 14 frames, however if you scared them enough to block high after a 1 on block demo man can be an option

f+1+2 (on block)
This one gives you +1 just like the basic 1 check above but forces the opponent into crouch on block. With your opponent being left WS you go for a very basic mix-up:
- 1,2: uninterruptible with WS moves but can get ducked or crushed
- d/b+4: they can beat out a d/b+4 only with i10 moves (generic WS+4's result in trading hits); can get punished on block and low parried
- d/f+1_d/f+1,1_D+1: your mids for when you think they stay in crouch to duck 1,2 or block d/b+4; safe on block but can get interrupted with fast WS moves

1,2 (on hit)
Now this is a real goody: +7 on hit and with it being good for attacking and being Paul?s main punisher for -10 to -11 you?ll get this very often in a real match. The followups are:
- d/f+2: i15, launches on hit and hits crouchers; they cannot beat out d/f+2 after a 1,2 on hit
- grabs: plenty of time to fit in a grab if you think it could connect; jumping moves take the opponent approx. 10 frames to get off the ground and your grabs come out in 12 frames so you won?t get crushed by any jumping move; you get the picture?
- d/f+1,1_d/f+1_D+1: if you think they?re going to duck after a couple of grabs but you?re not sure and want to play it safe use one of these followups; they come out in 14 frames and are therefore uninterruptible
- f,f+2:1: this awesome move comes out in 16 frames on perfect execution; is uninterruptible, hits duckers and is fairly safe unless they flashduck the 2nd hit
- hopkicks: same as d/f+1,1_d/f+1_D+1, but with more risk
- 3,2: comes out in 16 frames and will beat out anything; the second hit is safe but can be ducked on block so watch out
- d/b+4: your annoying low poke; don't overuse it, it can be lowparried
- d/b+3: i16 and therefore uninterruptible; risky if you abuse it because it?s launch punishable on block and can be lowparried

1 (on hit)
Being +8 on hit means everything from 1,2 works, as well as these two options:
- qcb+2: with perfect execution of the backsway part (meaning with fast input so that every directional input takes takes one frame and with the 2 timed perfectly with the b) SWY 2 comes out in 17 frames
- d+4:2:1+2: demo man comes out in 15 frames and trips certain characters after a 1 on hit (if it?s not a max range hit); even though this option is pretty unsafe (if they lowblock the d+4 you?ll lose half life and if you do it on the wrong chars it won't trip them and you can get punished), ppl often block high after a 1 on hit, so chances are you?ll get them with demo man. Don?t get too obvious with this however; use it sparingly after a 1 or you?ll die

2 (on hit)
A right jab gives you +6 on hit and you can followup with:
- d/f+2: i15 and uninterruptible unless they have a faster than i10 move
- d/f+1,1_d/f+1_D+1: i14 and uninterruptible
- hit confirm 3,2: uninterruptible and perfectly safe if hit confirmed
- d/b+3: i16 and high crushes, therefore uninterruptible by 10 frames high moves; risky

d/f+1~b (on hit)
This one gives +7 frames and you can follow-up with some nice mix-ups out of SWY. The follow-ups are:
- SWY 2: safe mid that cannot be interrupted even by jabs; will hit them also if they duck
- SWY 1: this safe mid hits duckers too but can get interrupted by jabs. If you delay the 1 though it will evade many high moves; also if they do a 1,2 and you delay the 1 you?ll evade their 1 punch and interrupt them for a CH juggle before the 2; a word of warning however: SWY 1 is very linear and can be sidestepped easily, even undelayed
- SWY 3,2,1: this will hit them if they block high, counterhit them if they go for 10 or 11 frames highs since it?s a technically crouching move and counterhit even 12 frames or slower mids; safe but can be lowparried and you should stop after the 3,2 if you think they?re going to duck the last hit

3,2 (on hit)
A great high damage poke string that is safe on block and can be hit confirmed to avoid getting the last hit ducked and punished. On hit you?re left at +7 with some pushback, for the below follow-ups:
- d/f+2: i15 and uninterruptible; safe
- d/f+1,1_d/f+1_D+1: i14 and uninterruptible; safe
- d/b+3_d/b+4: i16 and i12, both uninterruptible, these are your lows for annoyance; both are unsafe (at -17 and -13 respectively) and can be lowparried
- grabs: good if they turtle and can?t break them consistently
- hit confirm 3,2: another hit confirm 3,2 is uninterruptible
- f,f+2:1: at 16 frames uninterruptible; safe but they can duck the 1 and punish;
- SWY 3,2,1: this will hit them if they block high, can counterhit or crush them if they go high and counterhit 14 frames or slower mids; safe but can be interrupted by 13 frames or faster mids and get lowparried; again you should stop after the 3,2 if you think they?re going to duck the last hit

FC 1 or d/b+1 (on hit)
You can nail this special mid quite often if they pitbull you too much. At +6S (S means you recover WS) on hit you can continue with:
- FC 4 _ FC 3: your lows for annoyance; uninterruptible by 10 frames highs since your FC; unsafe and can be lowparried
- WS+4: uninterruptible safe mid option
- WS+2_FC hopkicks: unsafe options if you think they?re going to duck or do desperate stuff

b+1,2 (on hit)
Another great move: Being Paul?s main punisher for -12, -13 and far -14?s you?ll get this often too, and +4 on hit as well as putting them into crouch allows you to throw out some nasty mix-ups:
- d/f+1,1_d/f+1_D+1: in most cases characters quickest WS option is WS+4 at 11 frames, these i14 babes will beat out any WS retaliation that is slower than 10 frames; be aware that some characters have i10 WS options though and all characters can do the generic FC (d/b_d_d/f)+1 special mid crouch jab which is also i10, resulting in trading hits
- 4: same as above but will CH even i10 WS option for a full combo; this move will teach people to block high or stay in crouch after eating a b+1,2; safe on block but can get ducked and crushed with FC moves
- grabs: uninterruptible, but can be ducked if they stay in crouch and obviously escaped
- d+4,2:1+2: demo man will trip them if they?re going back to standing to block high, but again, it?s half of your lifebar on block, so use it sparingly
- hopkick: will launch them if they stay in crouch to block demo man or duck a 4 or a grab

d/b+2 (on hit)
This poke is pretty practical but even with +6 on hit, with the strange hit stun animation it leaves you with only a few options since jabs, d/f+2, hopkicks and demo man will miss and they can backdash out of some followups, so watch out. A few options are:
- d/f+1,1_d/f+1_D+1: these moves cannot be interrupted and will reach
- d/b+2: another d/b+2 cannot be interrupted
- 3,2: straigt forward 3,2 will come out in 15 frames and will beat out anything other than i10 moves
- d/b+3: it?s i16 and a technically crouching low, therefore uninterruptible with jabs or any other 10 frames high; as stated above though: be careful
- f,f+3_f,f+3,4: since hop kicks will miss because of the distance this is your option if your feeling lucky or if you think they?re going to duck; on perfect execution these moves come out in 16 frames
- f,f+2:1: comes out in 16 frames buffered and on perfect execution, meaning it will beat out anything other than i10 moves; this can also catch them off guard if they backdash after getting hit by d/b+2 to escape mixups; pretty safe unless they flashduck the 2nd hit;
- grabs with a 1 or 2 escape (1+2 grabs miss)_d/b+1+2 tackle: if you think they can't break them consistently

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