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Here is what I think of Baek:

I have been learning Baek lately and I found out that Baek is a totally risky character. Most of his moves are too risky to pull off.

IMO all of his fla cancels d+4,3,3,3~fla, d/f+4,4,3~fla can be interrupted with a hopkick for a CH launch. I am pretty sure that the hopkick works even after getting hit by CHd+4,3,3,3~fla.The only safe fla cancel Baek has is 1,2,3~fla~d/f+1 which cannot be interrupted. d+2 also interrupts all of his fla cancels except (1,2,3~u_1,2,3~d) and 1,2,3~fla~d/f+1.The same also goes for the hopkick.

Now the only problem is with the 3 ender. The 3 ender is unsafe to start with and can also be ssed easily. At the most,Baek players can end with the 3 ender for an easy CH Double over stun. The stun is easy to spot and can easily be escaped with a ~f tap.
So, if one keeps performing hopkicks after d+4,3,3,3~fla, d/f+4,4,3~fla and ws+4,4,3~fla he could either get a free launcher or could get hit with the 3 ender which is relativey safe when compared to other options which an opponent could do.
I am not sure if this correct, so correct me if this wrong.

???? Never studied him.