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Originally posted by noodalls
P1 Eddy d,f+3 on F1 (input complete F2, hits on ~F20). Tech with button 1 on frame 62. P1 Eddy does d+4 on F76 (whiffs on any earlier frame) and it is duck blockable.
Standing 4 on F80 is blockable. Whiffs on F79.

Is there a reason to think there are frames in the tech roll where you can't block. I would have thought with even more moves than T5.0 people would have found unblockable tech-catches by now if there were. I also think that Namco has left them out for keeps now.

non other then wishfull thinking.

my tekken is all about tech catches and setups, this new tekken is about poking and being gay with the wall ?_?.
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look man the move doesnt track sidestep, but if you sidestep it will hit you
steves b+1 isint safe because it only auto guards high and mid, but you can cancel it and block all lows
Jaycees u/f+4,3 is launch punishable on block but if you try to punish it the 1 follow-up will hit you