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Originally posted by noodalls
Tested Paul d+4,2,1+2 holding the 2 and buffering the 1. Same input windows (14-->35-39, 18-->37-41) appear to apply but no option to get sparkles. Does someone want to explain how this makes the JF easier?

it doesn't.

d+4,2,1~2 or 2~1 still gets the jf.

well i guess you could say it makes it easier because of the notation but 2 buttons isin't really that much "harder" then 1 button.

btw, are there any frames during a techroll that you can't block?, also do you have the frame data for the spring up ( hold F when your knocked down)
Signature Bruck him for souf east, blud

look man the move doesnt track sidestep, but if you sidestep it will hit you
steves b+1 isint safe because it only auto guards high and mid, but you can cancel it and block all lows
Jaycees u/f+4,3 is launch punishable on block but if you try to punish it the 1 follow-up will hit you