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I have some usefull alternate simple combos.

f+3+4/1, 4~3
b+3+4/2, qcf+2(Close range or near wall only)
f+2(CH), f+3,4 or qcf+3, then blah, blah, blah.
BT/d+3, while crouching 2, WR+1, db+1+2. (Only with certain charcters, otherwise just do ff+2, d+4,1+2)

Wall Tricks!!!

B! (at wall and linear to them), f+2,1, neutral jump foward 4, crouching 1 thru 4, or my favorite 1+4/2+3 BT throw. It works!!

Wake up low attack and trip.

WC+df+1, WR+4, db+3, or d+4 into dash up BT setup if they tech roll.

If any of these combos were already posted, then you'll see it again. Some of the combos I saw posted up were kind of scrubby or don't work anymore, no offense to anyone who posted them up, so heads up.
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