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Originally posted by bob in der bahn
Thanks, noodalls!

could you also test some special throws like

eod etc..

and some generic 1+2 throws ??

Is there a reason to think they're different from what's posted on inatekken? Check that first, then let me know if you still want me to test things (it takes me about an hour to do that, if the data is on somewhere already there's no real point.)

Other throws
Rodeo is 35 frames on whiff (can input standing 1 on F35). Same for df+1+2.
Rodeo executing from F1, break on F13-27 (15 frames). *means command finishes on F1.
df+1+1 executing from F1, break on 13-27
Jab from F58 post break for Eddy, F52 for P2. Earliest break P2 F38, P1 F44 (so always -6 for the thrower.) Tested with df+1+2.

Paul df+1+2 break F14-28.
Feng df+1+2 break F14-28. Both are 35frames on whiff as above.
f+1+3 is a lot longer on whiff, can input an action from F46.

Input is f/F,N,df+4. F can be held for upto 7 frames (release on the 8th) and df+4 must be pressed on F21 or earlier. Extending the F up to the maximum 7th F does not give you more leniency to input df+4.
-12 on block. No differences between stances from what i can see.

As above but you have up to F10 to hold F (release F11) and df+1 is on F21 or earlier. So, slightly more lenient.
-10 on block.