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Check above, I updated the initial post.

Kaz d+4 on F1. Input of a follow-up 1 will be read on F40 onwards. For pressing 1 on F40-50 it will give ws+1. This hits on F57 for inputs on F40-45, then 1 frame later for each later input up to F62 for input on F50.
For 1 pressed on F51 onwards it will give standing 1. This hits on F60.

CC with u.
Inputting u from F30 onwards then 1 on F46 or later will give standing 1. This hits on F55. Note, pressing u+1 at any time from F40 onwards will give jumping


To CC with ff.
Same setup with Kaz d+4 on F1.
You can input f on F26, then a second f on F46. Pressing 1 on F47 will give jab (F46 gives ws+1). This hits on F56 (1F slower than the u method of CC. Note however, that Kaz does slide forward just a touch with this method, so that may be of benefit.)

My interpretation.
Buffer window is F 40-45 for buttons, earlier for directions. You can input a SS in that earlier window, and then press a button just as the buffer window finishes.

Alternatively, if you CC with ff, you can buffer one f (slightly earlier it seems) and then next f immediately after the buffer window closes (F46), then a further input on F47 will give the dashing jab.