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Both eddy and Christie take 56 frames of animation before you can cancel their superchargers. They remained charged until frame 321 (a jab thrown on F320

will give CH but not 321).

Investigating bound.
F1 P2 Eddy does d+4. F15 P1 Eddy presses df to parry it. P1 can input commands from F42. P2 can tech roll on frames 76-85, or roll normally on F93 onwards.

d on F1 held until F2 to F10 gives a SS. D held from F1 to F11 and released on F12 gives a duck and no ss. d on F10 off on F11 gives an instant duck then a sidestep (look liks it whiffs through Eddy). You can duck and ss with one command for inputs from F10 released up to and including F14. If you hold D from F10 until F15 he will duck but not sidestep. (This 1F duck+sidestep was in previous games).

One sidestep on F1 allows for a second ss to be input on F15.

Sidestep attacks.
For d pressed on F1 and released on F2, pressing RK on F1 gives d+RK. Pressing RK on F2 gives standing RK. RK on frames 3-47 gives ss+RK. RK on F48 gives

standing RK again.
= sidestep attacks accepted from F3-47.

It appears the old db~ or df~ iWS method is gone. * Note, what I mean is that before you could hold db or df for 1 frame, release on F2 and get ws moves. This is not the case anymore.

DB or DF on F1, release on F7 and press 1 on F7 gives iWS+1. Doesn't matter if you press D,then move to DF or DB at any point from F1-6. Must release direction on F7 and press button on F7. Releasing direction on F7 and button on F8 gives standing jab.

Can release direction on F8 then press button on F8 or F9 to get iWS.
Release direction F9, button on F9-11 gives iWS.
Release direction F10, button on F10-13.

D on F1 release on F12 (not before) then button on F12-17 gives ws+1.

Holding D for F1-7 then RK will give FC+RK. Holding for F1-6 and pressing the button on the last frame of F1-6 will give d+RK.

Wall tech
uf+4 on F1, hits on F22. P2 can tech from F74-88 (wall slump).

d,f+3 on F1, hits on F20. Sit slump is techable on F97-126 (30frames).

Edit - answer to question below. Better investigation of iWS moves.

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