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ws f+3 is still in the game. added i16, -16, KD, KD

added ws+4 data. -3, +8, +8

ws+1 on ch is +4 confirmed

added generic u/f+2 right hook data. i15, -12, +10, +10. while +10, you can block jabs. its just the hit stun lasts that long.

record function was in t5dr, t5, t4, ttt and t3. thats as far back as i can remember. i know the sf titles have it too, its for sure in cvs2, 3s and sf4. i actually went to the t6 launch party over here in LA and complained to high heaven to the two namco reps who were in attendance. everyone there was asking them what was up with that move.

changed b+1+4,4 on hit to 0 BT. ill have to test this again.

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