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Originally posted by moN nihciM

WOW... Kazuya got nerfed hard.

d/b+4 is +2 on hit.

ws+4 is +2 on hit. WTF? I thought it was +8.

f+3 is i19? Talk about SLOW.

2 is really i12 now.

His only saving grace is b+1 which is 0 on block. I guess imma spam that shit out of that move.

1. db4 is possibly, +3 on hit at the tip, and +5 if u hit them real close. not very confirmed...but due to them standing +3 means nothing they can just back dash and magic 4/crush the shit out of you.
2. ws4 isn't it +8 on hit?
3. pretty sure f3 is i14 maybe its really i16...not sure.

kaz is really crap is t6br.