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One who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be in danger in a hundred battles.
said by Sun Tzu

this is why I think it is very important that every Kaz player should know more about his own character and frame

I mean a lot of ppl always go around asking how to punish this move? and how do I deal with ppl who ssl all the time? and bla bla bla

I think they should some how work their way around things them self coz Kaz is not the type of character that can be play in a simple way and still be effective like Jack-6 for example

but after reading this Im sure they can come up with their own conclusion
for example the tracking issue I use wd iws+1 and if I feel confidence that my opp will surely ss me I ll use wd iws+2 to catch them
I know it is -18 but heck if u r confidence that its gonna hit then why not?

also I didnt see anyone make any topic related to Kaz frame data so I guess we should start it like now

most of the frame data I got are all from my playing exp and some are from TDR frame data since most of his move remain the same

I ll add a little bit about tracking of each move as well in there as well if possible
hope these can be helpful

Frame data will be listed as follows: (stole it from Jack-6 frame data thread)

Move command [ execution frames ][ on block ][ on hit ][ on CH ] special notes(NC,NCc, JG, CS, jail, hit h,m,l, tracks L_R bold L_R
letter is for stronger tracking with out it the move only track a little

d/f+2 [i14][-12][+5][JG] m tracks L_R

credit to Brahma for giving me the motivation

ok here goes the list of BR Kazuya frame data


1 [i10][+1][+9][+9] h
2 [i12?][?][?][?] h
3 [i14][-6][+5][+5] h
4 [i16][-14][KND][KND] h_wall break able
1+2[i12][-14][KND][KND] mid,mid_free dewgfx3 as follow up but very hard to do_free d/b+2,B! if near wall
3,1,4 [i14][-6][+7][JG] h,h,m


1,1 [i10][-1][+9][+9] h,h_NC
1,1,2 [i10][-17][KND][KND] h,h,m_NC
1,2 [i10][-0][+8][+8] h,h NC
1,2,2 [i10][-12][+1][+1] h,h,h NC
1,2,4 [i10][-14][+1?][+1?] h,h,l NC
1,2,4,3 [i10][-9?][+4?][JG] h,h,l,m_third hit on CH the last kick is NC
2,2 [i12][-10?][+?][+?] h,m_NC tracks R
2,4 [i12][-9][+4][+4] h,h_NC tracks R
b+3,1 [i18][+0][+6][+6] h,h
b+3,1,4 [i18][-10][+7][+7] h,h,l
b+3,1,4,1[i18][-8][KND][KND] h,h,l,m_wall splat and wall break able in juggle work on big size characters as wall combo
b+3,1,4,3[i18][-13][-1][-1] h,h,l,l_good for wall combo work on all sizes characters

single mid

f+3 [i19][-12~13?][+5?][PLD] m
f+4 [i19][+3][+7][PLD] m_B!
b+2 [i14][-2][+2][+2] m tracks R but it has very short range
d/f+4[i13][-9][+2][+2] m_tracks R
d/f+2 [i14][-12][+5][JG] m tracks L_R_wall break able
ws+4 [i11][-3][+8][+8] m_tracks R
ws+1+2 [i12][-2][+9][+9] m
ws+1 [i13][-5][+7][+7] m_tracks R_L
ws+3 [i17?][-7~9?][KND][KND] m_ Kaz homing move_wall splat able
d/f+3 [i18][-?][+?][+?] m_tracks R_L can be hit on grounded in some angle
d+1 [i10][-5][+7][+7] sm_RC_High crush
d+2 [i11][-4][+7][+7] sm_RC_high crush
FC d/f+3+4 [i22~23][-11][KND][KND] m_RC_OC_High crush
u+3_u/f+3 [i19][-7?][KND][KND] m_B!_low crush_wall splat able
f+2 [i20][-11][KND][KND] m_tracks R_wall break able_wall splat able_auto punch parry

low poke

d/b+4 [i20][-11][+2][+3] l_tracks L can be hit grounded on some angle
d/b+3 [i19][-12][+0?][+6] l_RC_High crush_hit grounded
d+3 [i16][-15?][-3][-3] l_RC_tracks R_High crush_hit grounded
d+4 [i12][-15?][-4][-4] l_RC_High crush

low atk

cd+4 [i20][-27][+?][KND] l_tracks L
cd+4,4 [i20][-27?][FUFA][FUFA] l,l_if only the 2nd trip connect Kaz get JG
cd+4,1 [i20][-15][KND][KND] l,m_wall break able
d+3+4 [i23][-12][+?][+?] l_grounded only

poke strings

b+2,4 [i14][-3][+8][+8]m,h_NC
b+2,4,1 [i14][-14][KND][KND]m,h,m_NCc?
d/f+1,f+2 [i16][-12][KND][KND]m,m_NC
d/f+4,4 [i13][-15][-3][-3]m,m_NC_OC hit confirm able
d/f+3,2 [i18][-11?][?][?]m,m_NC
d/f+3,2,1 [i18][-17][KND][JG]m,m,m if 2nd hit is ch the last hit is NC
b+1,2 [i11][-14][KND][KND] h,m_track R_wall splat_NC


ewgf [i13~][+5][JG][JG] h_tracks L
wgf [i15~][-10][JG][JG] h_tracks L_R_high crush due to longer cd motion
ws+1,2 [i13][-13][JG][JG] m,m_tracks L_R_NC
ws+2 [i16][-18][JG][JG] m_tracks L_R
d/f+1,4 [i16][-9?][JG][JG] m,h_tracks L wall break able_NC
d/f+1,2 [i16][+1][B!][B!] m,h_tracks L_NC_OC_B!
f,f+3 [i19~22][+0][JG][JG] m_tracks L_OC_B! (f,f+3,b+2,4 does not connect Jack-6 and Kuma due to their sizes best to follow up with dash d/f+3 or dash d+3+4 as oki)
f+1+2 [i25][-16][JG][JG] m_tracks?
f+1+2,2 [i25][-10~12?][KND][KND] m,m_NC
f,f+2 [i18~19][-10][JG][JG] m_tracks? give face down JG but u can turn ur opp around using d/f+1,4

evasive move

b+1+2 [?][-9?][+?][JG] m_tracks?

magic 4

b+4 [i12][-10?][-1][JG] h_tracks? work wonder magic 4 with shitty recovery

weird move

ss+1+2 [i25~][-6][PLD][PLD] h_tracks? u can perform ss+1+2 then d/b+4,d/f+1,2,B! near wall but u need to ss the right way in order to do it kinda hard to explain basically if u ssr Kaz will use right hand and ssl Kaz will use his left hand so just make sure u ss the right way in order for him to punch ur opp right in to the wall but why use it at all if u can use ss ewgf?
cd+3 [i22~][-10][KND][KND] h_tracks?_wall break able
ss+3 [i30?][-10][JG][JG] m_tracks? can be follow up with dash d/b+2,B! (I find this move very useful against those who r waiting for whiff punishing)
b,b+2 [][][][]
b,b+2,2 [][][][]
u_u/f+4,4,4,4[][][][] use able online!! just joking use to end wall combo vs Kuma and jack-6

[B]Kazuya actual frame Data[B/]
Credit noodalls


All done by me with no reference to anyone else's frame data (for better or for worse).

The advantage this has to every other frame data is

+ initiation frames for all hits in sequences
+ frame data for moves that juggle or knock down
+ input windows for moves
+ (rarely) data on moves that have >1 hit frame

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