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Great stuff guys!

Like I said, I based some of the stuff on T5 data. Stuff like f+3+4 being safe at max range. I also just realized the last time I updated it, it didn't save . I'll get working on updating this later today or tomorrow.

Also, I've put important stuff that I'm not sure on in bold, like d/b+1. I could swear it's still i12.

Originally posted by StEvE_FoX_nOOb
does jack have a backturn mid move... maybe BT3 after an escaped 1+3 grab? uf4=high punishable, 4=high and punishable, d4=low punishable?

also after f1,2,2 does it give + on block like the standalone b2 move?
how many + frames after qcb1 on block? im begining to love this move

No BT mid that I'm aware of. I've always wanted him to have Astaroth's BT elbow thing. Looks kinda like that Xiaoyu BT elbow.

WTF is QCB1? Did I miss something?

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