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- Strong, hit confirmable, 10 frame keep out/pressure string (a la 1,2,1)
- Low, high crush, launcher that is not u/f n 4 punishable
- On the same note, solid close range 50/50 with b+1+2 (+ frames on block) and d/b+3 (high crush, low launcher)
- Strong wall carry from all of his launchers as well as solid post-wall pressure and oki game
- A whiff, launch punisher for almost any range
- "Sway" away type evasive launcher for full combo
- Standard reversal into oki, low reversal into oki, as well as punch parry into small combo

- Overall poor tracking on almost all of his moves
- All launchers, except for qcf+1, are -11 or worse
- No high crush launcher and nigh unsuable low crush moves
- Way too many high ending strings
- Heavily dependant on frames for pressure, with very few safe +frame moves on block
- Straight forward fighter with almost no "trick" attack or strings
- 14 frame punisher that can not punish most -14 frame moves.

Due to Dragunov's slightly weak punishment game, he must be played in a pitbull style to be successful. Alternating between frame traps and hit confirmable strings will allow him to keep pressure on the opponent without sacrificing his momentum, a problem that many Tekken characters have. Dragunov is definitely scariest as point blank range where he has his largest repertoire of moves, but with long range launchers such as qcf+2 and f+1+2, whiffing at almost any range can cost the opponent half of their life and oki.

Ease of Use
Dragunov is easier to use in BR compared to his T6 incarnation, with less stringent frames and post bind follow ups (e.g. 3,1 hit box improvement), it's now easier to do more or comparable damage with less effort. That's as far as his ease of use goes though, with a huge amount of his pressure and interrupt game coming from iWR and iWS, Dragunov is not a beginner friendly character. It also may be frustrating for a newer player to use since a good portion of his moves are high (WS 2 punishable) and/or do not track making good turtles a huge problem for Dragunov.

General Assessment
A very fun, damaging character, but his overall lack of tracking can be frustrating to say the least.

Top 10
  1. 1,2,1 - Dragunov's bread and butter 10 frame string. CH confirmable, wall splat, and only -11 on block if not hit confirmed. Does chunks of damage while in rage mode.
  2. d+2 - 12 frame instant high crush low with tracking to both sides.
  3. iWR 2 - While it has been toned down tremendously from T6, this move is still crucial to Dragunov's pressure game. Launch and full combo on CH and +4 frames on block.
  4. qcf+1 - Dragunov's only safe launcher. Has deceptive range and slight tracking. -2 on block make post block options very viable.
  5. iWS_qcf+1+2 - Dragunov's consistent answer to low stance characters such as Ling and Zafina. Safe on block versus most of the cast, due to push back.
  6. f+1+2 - 17 frame long range launch punisher. Full combo on hit and has great damage potential due to the amount of carry it has. If you land it, there's a good chance the opponent will be on the wall shortly.
  7. d/f+2 - Dragunov's standing 15 frame launch. Though the range has been toned down, it's still a great move.
  8. 4,1 - His 12 frame punisher, great range, +8 on hit, jails, and is safe on block.
  9. f+1+4_2+3 - Dragunov's two instant throws, a huge part of his anti-turtle game.
  10. f+4,4,3 - The replacement to his 2,1,3 wall carry in T6 as well as can (and should) be used as combo filler.
Bound (B!)
  • f,f+2
  • 1,3,2
  • d+1
  • b+1+2
  • WR 2
  • 4,3
Homing (Anti-Sidestep)
  • b+3
  • f,f+3
Standing Punishers
  • 10f 1,3 or 1,2 or 2,1
  • 12f 4,1 or d/f+4
  • 14f qcf 1+2 or f+4,4
  • 15f d/f+2 or qcf+1
  • 17f f+1+2
  • 20f qcf+2
While Standing Punishers
  • 11f WS 4
  • 12f WS 1,3 or WS 1+2
  • 15f WS 2
  • 23f u/f n 4
Juggles [basic combos for each launcher]
  • d/f+2, 4,1, 1,3,2, B!, dash in, 3,1,2
  • qcb+2, 4,1, 1,3,2, B!, dash in, 3,1,2
  • qcf+1, f+4,4,3, 1, f,f+2, B!, dash in, 3,1,2
  • WS 2, f+2,4, f,f+2, B!, dash in, 3,1,2
  • qcf+2, f+2,4, f,f+2, B!, dash in, 3,1,2
  • CH iWR 2, dash in, iWS 4, 1,3,2, B!, dash in, 3,1,2
  • CH b+1, f+1+2, dash in, b+2,1, 1,3,2, B!, dash in, 3,1,2
  • d/b+3, CC, d+2, WS 4, d+4,4
Wall Combos
  • 3,1,2
  • b+2,1,3
  • b+2 WS 1+2
  • 3,1 iWS 1+2
  • d+4,1,3
  • d+4,4
Wall Hits
(Not sure what this means, so I wrote wall splat NC and NCc)
  • CH 1,2,1
  • iWS_WS 1,3
  • WS 1+2
  • b+4,3
  • u/f+3
  • CH f+2,4
Normal Moves
My responsibility to fill this part out later.

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