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Originally posted by Kazuo
Can you tell me which input tip you found helped so i can add it to the first post?

I can only comment on the pad input, but the input tip that made all the difference was the explanation of SS'ing in a direction then rubbing from either f or b to the direction of the step and identifying 'QCD' as b, d/b, d or f, d/f, d.

With "repeatedly flicking on a lighter" being the key tip for understanding the input.

I'd tried to learn it in the past with a demo video from ONEDEADLYVENOM, though he described the input as u, u/b, u, u/b and all variations. I was trying to be precise with the input and found it somewhat cumbersome and difficult; I could do it a tiny bit but it was slow and wasn't fluid.

For Mishima players, I'd recommend doing the QCU or QCD motions from f instead of b since you can easily go straight into an electric from there. 2 or 3 E steps either direction up close into the EWGF is really great for getting launches since they'd often end up whiffing right in front of you.
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