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Originally posted by haruhi03
could you please explain how to do that ESS? I can't actually figure it out how, how do you perform that QCD? is it b, d/b, d? or d,d/b,b? I don't know it, so please explain it to me please??

so for example is that I'm facing right, then I'll sidestep to the right, so it would be like this, I'll sidestep to the right first, then tap back/forward then perform the QCD?

Originally posted by Gandido
For pad players, it's like repeatedly turning on a lighter.

Eg ssr by tapping dd. Just as your sidestepping do the 'b, db, d' (qcd) motion. But do it really fast. Like flicking on a lighter. Its really a trial and error thing. Anything i read online didnt help me. Like i said, when i get home ill add vids of the motions being done. But for now you gotta take whatever small advice you can get and attempt to make it work.

Edit: the 'b' 'f' , means you can start your quarter circle down/up motion from either f or b as f, df, d or b, db, d

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