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Chapter III: Using FLA WD in defense

If you have done everything at this point and have applied it in your game, you probably have realized how scary FLA WD is to your opponents. Different from other offensive maneuver, FLA WD in offense only gets scarier the more your opponents become defensive/turtlish...

Nevertheless, when they finally become panic and slip a quick desperation attack, you will realize that the whole FLA WD practice you have tried so hard to accomplish suddenly becomes useless. It only gets much worse when they find out that using the quick, mid range attacks (i.e. Julia's f,f+1, or Chreddy's u/f+4) IS the way to destroy the FLA WD setup... What are you going to do?

Well? there are a few options really, but the difficulty is several times harder than you have practiced before? Those are:

    1. FLA SS WD
    - Use within opponent's attack range
    2. FLA punch parry - Use beyond opponent's attack range

I am going to explain more of each below...


There are a few places where you will find this useful. FLA SSR avoids many right arm attacks such as Jin's f,f+2, and FLA SSL avoids the close-range jabs. Make sure that the SS actually comes out during the FLA WD, and try to learn the recovery frame so you can add your own attack immediately.

The hard part of this one is not the ss (though it would give u some trouble getting it to be useful to dodge your opponent), but the part where you are to attack. You can start w/ the easier attacks such as b+2 for ssl, and b+1 for ssr to make it a double SS during FLA WD, then you can start adding more moves that might give u better reward, such as FLA (hold 3) b+4,4,3 for a side-way juggle.

To practice FLA SS WD carefully, you can train by working on this sequence:

    d/f+3~f~U ssl FLA d/f+3~f FLA d/f+3~f~D ssr FLA d/f+3~f and so on
    (short notation: FLA WD~SSL~WD~SSR~and repeat)

2. FLA punch parry - 4-D(!?) FLA WD (refers to Eyeshield 21 Sena's 4th Dimension Run)

You might be wondering why I am using punch parry OUTSIDE of opponent's strike range... well, here are a few reasons why you shouldn't do it inside of opponent's striking range:

    -The SPACING of FLA WD into anything is DIFFICULT
    -The TIMING of punch parry is HARD

So... unless it's absolutely necessary, or the chance of successful punch parry is high (i.e. Steve as opponent), setting up the punch parry to do its job in a FLA WD scenario = suicide.

So... why punch parry OUTSIDE of the striking range then?

After a few rounds of matches, your opponent will likely to get used to the rhythm of the FLA WD. To counter FLA WD mixups, opponents have to attack w/ moves of farther reach than Baek's d/f+3, they also need to make sure the timing of the attack was perfect (based on Baek's "ya, ya, ya") to hit Baek before getting CH'd by d/f+3. What FLA punch parry does, is exactly to destroy the predictable timing of the FLA WD - one of FLA WD's biggest flaws. In addition, the sudden stop of the forward motion will cause your opponent to attack prematurely and whiff their attack within d/f+3 punishable range, making them prone to any post-whiff attacks.

To practice FLA punch parry carefully, you can work on this sequence

    d/f+3~f d/f+3~f FLA [b+1+2] FLA d/f+3~f FLA [b+1+2] and so on
    (short notation: d/f+3~FLA WD~PP~WD~PP~)

Once you are good w/ each, then you might want to try practicing this sequence:

    d/f+3~f d/f+3~f FLA b+1+2[hold] FLA d/f+3~U ssl FLA d/f+3~f FLA b+1+2[hold] FLA d/f+3~d ssr FLA d/f+3 and so on
    (short notation: d/f+3~FLA WD~PP~SSL~WD~PP~SSR~and repeat)

It will take shit load of time and effort to complete this practice, but once it's done, it will shut down opponent's offensive game during your FLA WD. FLA SS WD causes opp whiff off-axis, and FLA PP causes opp whiff in front of you. It's up to you to punish w/ whatever you feel comfortable. After causing opponent whiff a few times, they will be too scared to dish out any moves in retaliation, making Offensive FLA an unstoppable force.

Good luck! I will update more info once I remember it

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