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Chapter II: Using FLA WD in offense

By now, you should have a clear image where each d/f+3 would hit from the FLA WDs. Since the optimum ranges for each d/f+3 to hit are quite far apart, when the target?s in-between each optimum d/f+3?s, it would make more sense to use other attacks that are faster, or of different range and properties. Here are a few moves that I use when d/f+3 is not applicable.

[1] FLA throw: has short escape window, and is good to keep opponent panic.
[2] d/f+1: a short range fast attack that gives + on block.
[3] 4: quick high poke that might score you a CH juggle against aggressive opponent.
[4] (holding 3) b+4,4: a high-low string (standing 3,4). The second kick is hard to spot and gives 0 on hit. The follow-up ws+4,4_d+4,3 is almost uninterruptable.
[5] d+3(,3): quick, high-crush, and long range low.
[6] 3+4: a slightly longer range double kick that will avoid low from opponent. Good recovery on whiff and + on block.

I have sorted the list of the moves based on their range. ( ?|---|? = effective range)

|--| FLA throw *
..|--| d/f+1 *
.. |---| 4
..... |---| (holding 3) b+4,4 *
.|-------| d+3(,3) *
.............|----| 3+4
.................|----| d/f+3 *

(* = useful moves)

To make it more convenient, I also put the d/f+3 range in the list. Among the moves listed, it?s pretty obvious that d+3?s a great tool to use due to its effective range. However, do not ignore other possibilities, since the rest of attacks also give good options as well.

So from here, you can now go to the practice mode, and test out their range. Start from a distance and FLA WD toward the dummy until the distance is smaller than the maximum d/f+3 range, then test out the rest of the attacks. It?s essential to know those move ranges and use them at where they are intended to use.

The reason why it's so difficult to use those attacks effectively during FLA WD is because not only you have to know the range of each attack, but you also have to add such range into the range of your carefully spaced FLA WD . To perform those moves at their effective range, you will need to have absolutely no problem w/ controlling FLA WD forward-travel at all? In a way, you will be replacing the WD or forward movement all together w/ the FLA WD only, which makes Baek almost a completely new character to play.

If you still have difficulty doing all these at once, make sure you can control your FLA WD like if you are walking normally (Chapter 1), then go back and practice again. To master up to this point should take you at least two week to a month or so. Good luck.

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