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Chapter I: Intro to FLA WD

Baek?s got many moves that cancel into FLA stance, and many of those attacks can also be done from the FLA. The non-stop FLA looping going in and out of the stance is one of his biggest assets.

Among all his FLA attacks, FLA WD has been the least appreciated due to its difficulty to use and its risk factor. While FLA (b+3, or ss during FLA) alone does not consider an attack move, when it is done from any move-cancel, any attack from your opponent will count as a CH attack. In addition, the lack of FLA WD knowledge and the incorrect spacing and timing also turns people off from studying it even further.

To tackle this problem, it?s very important to know the very Fundamental of the FLA WD: the hit range of d/f+3

Now go and turn on your PS3, and enter the T5DR practice mode. Try and find the maximum range of d/f+3. While you are at it, you might as well try some other long range moves of Baek in your mind and compare their range to d/f+3.


Though looks nothing like it, d/f+3 is THE longest attack Baek has in his move list. Its range is far greater than even u/f+3,4,3, or u/f~3+4, but what does it have anything to do w/ the FLA WD?

Ask yourself this question: At what range should you be using Chreddy?s u/f+4, Yoshi?s f+3+4, and Hei?s CD+3?

If your answer is not ?point blank range,? then you should have a very good idea when to stop canceling the d/f+3 during FLA WD. Thanks to d/f+3?s ridiculous range and small tracking to the side, The FLA WD's buffer range is quite forgiving. Though FLA WD is not conventionally safer to the regular WD, its reward is over the roof. Here are some facts of a correctly done FLA WD w/o any other moves mixed in:

    -FLA WD tracks, so it nullifies your opponent?s ss/sw as long as they are not done after the FLA WD (d/f+3~f) execution. d/f+3 alone also tracks a bit to its left

    -FLA WD travels way faster than dash in, adding to the fact that d/f+3?s got super long range, it kills bdc for lunch.

    -On CH, d/f+3 juggles takes 50% life max, or 40% w/ sick okizeme option. You can also choose to wall-carry for some even scarier wall/okizeme setup.

    -On block, d/f+3 is jab-punishable, but w/ the delayed ?4? at the end, it will shut down opponent?s offense after eating a few of KND 4.

Now that you know the strength of FLA WD alone, here?s some stuff that you can practice. It?s strongly recommended that you do it in the practice mode against a still dummy, so you can remember the optimum distance of d/f+3.

1. Attack the dummy w/ d/f+3 at its maximum range.
2. Attack the dummy w/ d/f+3~f d/f+3 at its maximum range.
3. Attack the dummy w/ d/f+3~f(x2, x3) d/f+3 at its maximum range.
4. Attack the dummy w/ d/f+3~u_d d/f+3 at its maximum range.
5. Attack the dummy w/ d/f+3~f d/f+3~u_d d/f+3 at its maximum range.

Before going to the next section, make sure that you can do those practices correctly in 5 successive runs each. And by correctly, I mean to hit d/f+3 only at its maximum range. This means that it?s not only important to execute your input correctly, but also essential to know how far you are from the dummy before doing the move. The next chapter will focus on the situations when d/f+3?s not applicable. Stay tuned.

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