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Baek's FLA WD Study

Level: Advanced.


Before going head-on and applying what you will learn here in the actual battle, it?s ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you are comfortable with everything else about Baek, which includes iFLA cancel, spacing, okizeme, and specific range of moves of interest. Due to the nature of FLA WD, any hit inflicted to you will be counted as CH, so if you are new to Baek, STAY AWAY from this guide at all cost.

For more mind games, please refer to the side dish guide.


Baek?s strength lies in his juggles, okizeme, and fast mix-up strings. What he lacks are the decent recoveries and his attack range. This FLA WD study guide tackles Baek?s range problem, and transforms him from the common short-ranged character into one of the most fearsome long-range characters in the Tekken history.

Three chapters will be provided in this study:

    Chapter I: Intro to the FLA WD

    This chapter will go over some facts and basics of the FLA WD. It contains a few tutorials where you can practice the very basics of FLA WD.

    Chapter II: Using FLA WD in offense

    This chapter will teach you how to effectively use FLA WD as a forward-traveling tool, making opponents bdc almost useless.

    Chapter III: Using FLA WD in defense

    This chapter describes the new ?dimensions? that compliment your FLA WD offense. Once you master this technique, you WILL scare the fuck out of everyone.

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