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f+4 is a really good tech catch. When timed right it has the same properties than f+4 on a crouching opponent, meaning you get a free d/f+1,4 for a 70+ dmg juggle. It works on tech rolls to both sides, but the timing is kinda hard. You have only a very few frames to hit it, and if you start to early during the opponents tech it wont work. Still I think it's very useful as the damage is stellar, better than the hopkick juggle tech catch.

Some of you might know this shit already. I have not tried this in a match yet, but I can imagine it could be very nasty. As the f+4 must be inputted quite late during the opponents tech for this to work, it can be done after a lot of juggle enders that leave your opponent close. Also this can be a nasty mixup after stonehead if they're tired of eating the stomp and do the immediate tech.