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Originally posted by TVHead
Anna Williams: Nurse Shoes - 1+4 kicks heel, mid hit

Bryan Fury: Shotgun - 2+3 shoots gun, unblockable

Heihachi Mishimathunder?) drum - 1+2+4 summons thunder, unblockable

Hwoarang: pheromone hair (ill let y'all figure it out) - 1+2+3 kicks soccer ball, mid hit

Kuma: Salmon(?) - 2+3+4 throws fish, hits mid

Lee Chaolan: Red Rose - 1+2+3 throws rose

Marshall Law: legendary nunchaku - 1+4, 1(2) swings nunchaku, unblockable

Nina Williams: Nurse outfit - 1+3+4 throws scalpel, unblockable

Steve Fox: 50s rocker hair - 1+3+4 taunt

Seriously, show me some videos on these taunts, 'cause if I don't see 'em, I can't go back to sleep.
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