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7/9/08 - Thread made!

With his WR 2 now launching and still maintaining it's range along with frame advantage, WR 2 is becoming more and more popular. To those that were playing Dragunov in T5DR, this is old news because the move was good for setting up pressure situations. If there are any 5.0 King players, this is even older news!

Don't be sad that you're behind the times, we'll fix that hopefully =P

First off, the reason for it in case you're not quite sure why you would want to be able to do this. WR 2 (While Running 2) is a powerful mid attack that has great range, advances Dragunov forward, puts your opponent in block stun leaving you to pick and choose your mix ups, and on hit bounces them for a powerful combo. It is great throwing at opponents who are getting up and with some distance, but wouldn't it be better if you could do it in their face?

Enter iWR 2 (instant While Running 2).

The command for WR 2 is fff+2, or While Running (ffF)+2. If you dash into an opponent at anytime during the inputs, the engine will not allow your character to enter a running state since they are too close to the opponent. The engine, however, allows you to buffer commands. This means while you're in a state of recovery after a move, you can input the first part(s) of a command.

CORRECTIONS NEEDEDT6 allows you to input 2 directions during the recovery period, more than the 1 that you used to get in T5DR.

We'll be doing this the way you would in T5DR, until we get confirmation about T6 allowing up to 2 inputs to be buffered.

Set Ups
1. Novice set-up
Hit 4 from a max distance. Just before Dragunov pulls his hand completely back to a neutral stance, tap forward. As soon as he returns to a neutral state, input ff+2. The game will register this as fff+2, but you're going to want a brief pause, so it'll feel like f~ff+2. This is a good, basic set-up for iWR 2. It allows you a little bit of distance to play with and get the general feel for the timing, while also giving you enough room to not make it too difficult. For Dragunov, especially in T6, this is good because you can use it along with 4,3, and 4,1. The last hit of 4,1 is high, so some players might be tempted to duck. 4,3 is unsafe, but the 2nd hit gives a free d+3+4 on hit. 4,3's 2nd hit will also track sidesteppers. This works well with 4, iWR2 because of the brief pause, players might be tempted attack you only to get launched by iWR 2. Later, they might try to sidestep after the 4, thinking the iWR 2 is coming, only to get caught by the 3 instead, netting you a free stomp!

2. Intermediate set-up
Execute d+2, then as you're recovering, do the same thing as before. Tap f the moment just before Dragunov's attack completely ends, and then input ff+2 immediately after. This will be a little different because the d+2 will most likely be hitting, causing your timing to be different and you'll be crouch canceling. This is good because not only does it give you another avenue to land iWR 2, but also helps introduce you to the concept of crouch canceling. You can utilize this in a mix-up with Dragunov's other WS attacks (I <3 WS+1+2 personally) and his FC,d/f+3 low. You can also take it one step further and start doing things like d+2, f~ff, d+2 again or even u/f+3+4 for the unbreakable throw!

3. Advanced set-up
Do a standing jab (1 or 2), then tap f the moment before Dragunov's attack ends, then immediately ff+2 afterwards. This will be difficult due to the amount of space needed between you and your opponent, and how quick you'll need to input the commands.

As you can imagine, there are almost limitless options you have. In situations where you've conditioned your opponents to think that WR 2 is coming, you can begin utilizing lows, throws, and other moves such as tracking moves to try and catch them napping. On the flip side, where opponent's might think your offense is done, you can surprise them with a quick WR 2.

1. Novice Combo: WR 2, dash, d+4,1,3
Very, very easy. Good combo to do while you're getting used to consistently landing iWR 2 because you more than likely won't have the eyes/reflexes to see that you've successfully landed iWR 2 right away. Make it a habit, that way you're used to being active after the move connects.

CONFIRMATION NEEDED2. Intermediate Combo: WR 2, dash, d+2, WS+4, d+4,4
Same principle, just more commands which might make it more intimidating at first, but more damage.

3. Advanced Combo: WR 2, iWS+4, 1,3,2, B!, 3,1,2
This is the daddy here. Huge damage off of a safe launcher. You'll have to be able to execute iWS (instant While Standing), which in this case can be done by doing d,d/f,N. You might want to exaggerate the movement to make sure you don't do it too fast. As soon as you hit the neutral point, hit 4. CONFIRMATION NEEDED You can either dash in and do iWS+4, or you can do d,d/f,N to begin Dragunov's crouch dash, and hit 4 once you get close enough. Make sure you don't hit qcf if that's the case, because you'll get qcf+4 instead of WS+4. Afterwards, just plug and chug the rest of the commands for your damage.
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