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Originally posted by KeEP Em GUeSsIn
man u must hatee lilyyy .. u have tried all juggles on her ..lot of beating for her ..

yess when you do low parry and then uf4 ,, many uf4 juggles dont connect ,, may be its the angle thing ,, we might have to take ss i guess after uf4 .. ..
please confirm if all uf4 juggles work even after low parry uf4 ,, because I cant connect...

thanks for all the info ..

Haha, yea I normally always practice combo's on Lili.

Thanks for the response, I'm currently working on other Feng Wei parry combo's at the moment and have only posted what I've found so far. I will also test ALL other possible combinations to establish what can hit. If anyone else has any other decent low parry juggle starters (obviously one's that are guaranteed) please do post them or any other combo suggestions. Hope everything helps.

Will be posting again soon...
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