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Feng Wei's wall combination's using the most practical of moves as wall splats - some extremely damaging one's discovered:

f+2,1,2(CH)(!W!)/ bb~/ b+4/ f+2,1,2 (7/100 - Lili)
f+2,1,2(CH)(!W!)/ bb~/ b+4/ d/f+2,2 (6/89 - Lili)
f+2,1,2(CH)(!W!)/ bb~/ b+4/ u/b+2 (6/88 - Lili)
f+2,1,2(CH)(!W!)/ bb~/ b+4/ b+1+2 (5/85 - Lili)

f+2,1,2(CH)(!W!)/ bb~/ d/f+1/ f+2,1,2 (7/98 - Lili)
f+2,1,2(CH)(!W!)/ bb~/ d/f+1/ ff+4>3 (6/88 - Lili)
f+2,1,2(CH)(!W!)/ bb~/ d/f+1/ d/f+2,2 (6/87 - Lili)
f+2,1,2(CH)(!W!)/ bb~/ d/f+1/ f+1,2,2 (7/80 - Lili)

f+2,1,2(CH)(!W!)/ bb~(slight)/ d/f+3/ d/f+3 (5/81 - Lili)

f+2,1,2(CH)(!W!)/ d+1/ WR 1,2,1 (7/80 - Lili)

NOTE: These are the strongest combo's I could find - some of the combo's using d/f+1 differ from those with b+4 as I could not get them to actually hit and if they can they are extremely difficult and would require the opponent to be slightly off axis when they are slammed back into the wall after the second move.

Some more:

ff+2(!W!)/ bb~/ d/f+3/ f+1,2,2 (5/59 - Lili)
ff+2(!W!)/ bb~/ d/f+3/ d+3+4 (3/55 - Lili)
ff+2(!W!)/ bb~/ d/f+3/ d/f+3 (3/54 - Lili)

qcf+3(!W!)/ d/f+1/ f+2,1,2 (5/63 - Lili)
qcf+3(!W!)/ f+1+2/ BT 4 (3/60 - Lili)
qcf+3(!W!)/ f+1+2/ BT d+3 (3/57 - Lili)
qcf+3(!W!)/ f+1,3/ f+1,2,2 (6/52 - Lili)

f+1+2(!W!)/ BT b/ d/f+1/ f+2,1,2 (5/81 - Lili)
f+1+2(!W!)/ BT b/ b+4/ d/f+2,2 (4/70 - Lili)
f+1+2(!W!)/ BT b/ b+4/ b+1+2 (3/68 - Lili)

d/f+2,2(CH)(!W!)/ bb~/ b+4/ f+2,1,2 (6/87 - Lili)
d/f+2,2(CH)(!W!)/ d/f+1/ b+1+2 (4/69 - Lili)

For most of Feng Wei's wall combinations the basic principles as outlined in the top combo's can be followed for all wall splats with the strongest being:-

SPLAT/ bb~/ b+4/ f+2,1,2

It should be noted that these juggles are easier when you replace b+4 with d/f+1 and Feng Wei has great diversity in his follow up's from these moves not all of which have been included here - just the easiest and strongest. Also, these combo's do not require off axis hits where the opponent is slammed into the wall at an angle, in fact, if the starter is not head on the chances are the combo will fail.
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