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Originally posted by La Bella Aka
Yesterday I was playing with Feng since someone gave me his IC Card and I found some nice combos in CH and a set up.

Ch f 2, u/f 3, SS d/f 1, f 2,1, b 1+2 = 74 dmg
The same combo ending with f 2,1,2 hits 71
If it's hard hitting the ss d/f 1 and sometimes it's hard hit it
Ch f 2, u/f 3, 1 f 2,1, b 1+2 = 69 dmg
I hit this one yesterday in the arcades
Ch f 2 u/f 3, 1,1 d 4, f 1+2 = 66 dmg

The set up I found was this.
Ch f 2, f 4, f,f 3 = 49 dmg
But you will be BT meanwhile the opp will be face down so
you can hit a d 3+4 or a 3
There's a chance after the fisrt 3 a d 3+4.
Anyone if want can check it..


I do like these Feng Wei combo's but just wanted to say that with the combo:

f+2(CH)/ u/f+3/ 1/ f+2,1/ b+1+2 (Can be made 1 point stronger by using a f+1 not just 1 on its own - hey every little helps) and I think its important to say...although seemingly obvious that the ss refers to ssr.
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