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I don't think Bob's db3+4,4 gives B! i haven't tried in combos but im pretty sure it doesn't.. but df(3+4),4 does.. probably got the two mixed up 100% confirmed..

all the steve moves i've listed earlier in this thread are confirmed as well. Steve's WR2 gives B! as well

kaz uf3 does give B!

bryan's d2 does not give B!. b3 1+2 does though.

Dj's FLY 3 gives B! as well. cd44 gives B!

julia's 1+2 gives B!, i dont think her ff3 does though..

Drag's WR2 gives B!

Baek's 1+2 does not give B! (a89)

Marduk's df4,1+2 is not the move.. its just df4,2

raven's b44 B!
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