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taken from if anyone was wondering.

Stumbled upon this thread after i made the other
This is a direct translation of the names of the items in Japanese, so chances are they're different from what you would see but I think it helps get the idea across.

Anna Williams: Nurse Shoes - 1+4 kicks heel, mid hit

Armor King: Nail Bat - f+2+3 hits with bat, unblockable

Asuka Kazama: Paper Fan - d+1+2 hits with fan, can cause B!

Baek Doo san: Beret - 1+2+3 Throws an unblockable bomb(?)

Bob: Silk Hat - 1+4 Birds fly out of the silk hat

Bruce Irving: Red Mohawk - 2+3+4 spawns chicks

Bryan Fury: Shotgun - 2+3 shoots gun, unblockable

Christie Monteiro: Fantasia feather decoration (?) - 2+3+4 dances

Craig Marduk: Demon club (?) - f+2+3 attacks with club, unblockable

Devil Jin: Manji (demon?) face - new skin for lazer

Dragunov: Tear gas bomb - 1+2+3 throws the bomb (taunt?)

Eddy Gordo: Soulful afro - 2+3+4 dances

Feng Wei: shaved head/monk (?) - d/f+1+2 , qcf+1+2 head shines (bing!)

Ganryu: Kabuki make-up - d/b+1+2, 1+2 blows fire, unblockable

Heihachi Mishimathunder?) drum - 1+2+4 summons thunder, unblockable

Hwoarang: pheromone hair (ill let y'all figure it out) - 1+2+3 kicks soccer ball, mid hit

Jin Kazama: Demon Face - u+1+2 shoots lazer, unblockable

Jack 6: Jack Cannon - 1+2+3 shoots cannon, unblockable

Julia Chang: Face Paint (any will do?)- 1+3+4 plants grow

Kazuya Mishima: Neo Sunglasses - u+1+2 shoots lazer, unblockable

King: Wrestling Trunks - d/b+1+2 new throw, break 1+2 (something else not sure)

Kuma: Salmon(?) - 2+3+4 throws fish, hits mid

Panda: sunglasses(?) - 2+3+4 throws bowling ball, hits mid

Lee Chaolan: Red Rose - 1+2+3 throws rose

Lei Wulong: Police Suit - 2+3 shoots gun, unblockable

Leo: Gun - 1+2+3 upward shot, unblockable

Lili: Headdress - d/b+1+2 new throw, break 1+2

Ling Xiaoyu: cat paws - b+2+3 new throw, break 2

Marshall Law: legendary nunchaku - 1+4, 1(2) swings nunchaku, unblockable

Miguel: pistol - 1+2+3 shoots gun, unblockable

Mokujin: butterfly - automatically used when in rage mode ass catches on fire

Nina Williams: Nurse outfit - 1+3+4 throws scalpel, unblockable

Paul Phoenix: Easter Head(?) - activated after holding down (2 sec) repeatable. hair extends

Raven: Traditional ninja pants - 1+2+3 throws smoke bomb at his own feet, holding up leads to blind vampire.

Roger Jr.: snorkel - 2+3+4 taunt

Steve Fox: 50s rocker hair - 1+3+4 taunt

Wang Jinrei: chinese hat(?) - face up on the ground 1+2, 1+2... rises from the ground, repeatable

Yoshimitsu: (blood/poison?) gun - 1+2+4 shoots 3 poison mists, unblockable

Zafina: scimitar - f+2+3 attacks with scimitar, unblockable

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