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taken from another thread...the movelist for the special item for each characters...

Miguel: 1+2+3

Zafina: f+2+3

Leo: 1+2+3 (has a pistol and shoots it straight in the air does little damage if you hit someone

with it.

Bob: 1+4

Lili: d/b+1+2

Dragnov: 1+2+3

A.King: f+2+3 (takes the spiked bat off his back and slams it to the ground.)

Eddy: 2+3+4

Raven: 1+2+3

Feng: d/f+1+2 (he does his throw that looks like BT 2+3 but throws you up in the air and instead of

hitting you with his shoulder he hits you with his bald head. And it shines twice. Once when he hits

you and once when you land.

Asuka: d+1+2 (fan)

Paul: D (He crouches like he's about to do the flip but charges up and his hair grows and sticks up

like a 2x4 but moves like rubber.)

Jin: u+1+2

Law: 1+4,1

King: d/b+1+2

Yoshi: 1+2+4

Nina: 3+2+4

Hwoarang: 1+2+3 (Soccer ball)

Ling: b+2+3

Christie: 2+3+4

Lei: 2+3

Julia: 1+3+4 (she plants a little plant in the ground)

Bryan: 2+3

Kazuya: u+1+2

Lee: 1+2+3

Steve: 1+3+4

Marduk: f+2+3

Jack6: 1+2+3

D.Jin: 1+2 (has kanji beside it)

Heihachi: 1+2+3

Kuma: 2+3+4 (has the name tokishira-Z under it)

Baek: 1+2+3

Ganryu: d/b+1+2,1+2

Bruce: 2+3+4 (he adjusts his shorts with a lil "thrust" and poof! a chicken pops out!

Anna: 1+4 (blows a kiss and kicks her heel at you)

Wang: 1+2,1+2..........has some kanji before the notation

Roger Jr. 2+3+4