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This is a comprehensive list Of Jack-6's frame data in T6BR. It's still a work in progress, so please bear with me. If you have anything to add, please post it.

If you're posting exact frame data, please be sure to double check it.

Also, a quick note, this is not all my work. Most of it came from digging up pieces from other threads. Thanks to anyone and everyone who contributed. Special thanks to MYK[jamgi] who provided a lot of the data.

Frame data will be listed as follows:

Move command [ execution frames ][ on block ][ on hit ][ on CH ][ notes(NC,NCc, JUG, CS, jail, tracks L_R etc.)


2,1 [i11][-2,-1][+7,+2][+7,+2]NC

Anything in red marks data that would be very useful to have.

Here we go.

Jack-6 T6BR Frame Data

1,1 [i13][-2,-12 OFC][+6,KD][+6?,KD][mm, 2nd hit B! NCc]

1,2 [i13][-2,-2][+6,KD][+6?,KD][mh, NCc]

f+1,2,2 [i14][-10,-6.+6][0,+5,KND][?,+7?][mhm, NC, does not jail on block]

b+1,1 [i16][-5 OFC, -14][OFC -2?, KD][FDHT,KD][mm, NCc. If you only hit 1st hit CH, will cause FDHT. 1st hit only leaves in FC. Second hit is uninterruptable, but SSable]

b+1,[1] [i16][-5, ?][KD][KD][mm, interruptable]

d/b+1,1,1,2 [i12][-12,-12,-12,-15?][+2,+2,+2,KD][+3?,+5,+5,KD][lllm, last 2 hits NC. Tracks left. All hits leave in FC]

FC,d/b+1,1,1,2 [i13][-2,-2,-4,-15?][+9,+9,+9,KD][+10?,?,?,KD][lllm, leaves in FC. High crush?]

d/f+1,2,1,2 [i14][-2?,?,?,?][+4,?,?,?][+4,?,?,?][mhhhh, NCc, no jail]

f,f+1 [i15][-6][KD][KD][m, B!]

WS 1 [i16][-12][JG][JG][m]

FC+1,1 [i19?][-8?,?][+2,?][+2,?][LL, Ends in FC]

FC+1,2 [i19?][-8?,?][+2,KD][+2,KD][Lm, Ends in FC]

FC, d/f+1,2,1,1 [i24][-22,-22,-6,+21][-12,-12,KD, OBT +14][-12,-12,KD, OBT +14][mmmh, 1st 3 hits NC]

FC, f+1,2, [i17][-6,-9][+5,+2][+5,+2][mm, NC?]
=d+1 [N/A][-17][0][0]L, NCc. Last 2 hits NC. Leaves in FC]
=d/f+1 [N/A][-2][+9][+9][m, NCc launcher if all 3 hits connect CH. Last 2 hits NC, but no launch. Leaves in FC]
=f+1 [N/A][-11?][KD][KD][h, NCc. Last 2 hits NC]

SS+1 [][+4][JG][JG][m]

b,d/b,d,d/f+1 [i23][-41][KD][KD][L]

HCF+1 [slow][+20? GS][KD][KD][m, Tracks SSL. Opponent can block during guardstun, but cannot move]

HCF,d/f+1 [][-17][JG][JG][M]

HCF~d/f+1 [][-17][JG][JG][M]

2,1,2 [i11][-,-1,-12][+9,+2,JG][+9(?),+2,KND] [hmm, 1st 2 hits NC. Last hit recovers FC]

f+2 [i10][-12][+5][KD][h]

b+2 [i19][+5][KD][KD][m]

b+[2] [][][KD][KD][m]

d+2,1 [i11][][][][smL, NC. On block 2nd hit low parryable/crushable]

d/b+2 [i22][-23][FDHT][FDHT][L, High crush]

d/b+[2] [][-29][KD][KD][L, high crush]

d/f+2 [i15][-14][JG][JG][m]

u/f+2 [24][+2][OFC +6][OFC +7][m, Low Crush, crouch hit different properties?]

u/f,N+2 [33~43][+?][OFC +10][OFC +10][m, Low Crush]

f,f+2 [i18][-16][JG][JG][m]

f,f+[2] [][][JG][JG][m]

b,f+2 [][-2?][KD][KD][h]

b,d/b,d,d/f+2 [i22][-14][Stun][Stun][m, Ends in FC]

SS+2 [][+ frames (+2 or +5, can't remember)][KD][KD][h]

WS 2 [i15][-10][JG][JG][m, Does not launch crouchers][m]

FC, d/f+2 [i18][-13][-2][-2][m]
=d+1 [N/A][-17][0][0][L, NC. Leaves in FC]
=d/f+1 [N/A][-2][+9][+9][m, NC. Leaves in FC]
=f+1 [N/A][-11?][KD][KD][h, NC]

WR_f,f,f+2 [][+5?][+7?][FDHT][m]

1+2,1+2 [i16][-7,-8][+6,JG][?][mmm, Tracks SS both ways. 2nd hit high crush, but interruptable by ~i15 mids]

f+1+2 [i15][-18][KD][KD][m, slams down in juggles]

b+1+2 [i20][+1][Stun][Stun][hhhhh If the last hit is blocked it's +1, but on block the opponent usually gets pushed out before the last hit is blocked and the rest of the hits whiff, basically allowing them a free launch]

d+1+2 [i30][-26][JG][JG][m, High crush]

\o/ (u+1+2) [][safe -][][][m, Safe but you'll usually end up whiffing this outside of juggles]

u/b+1+2 [i19][-6][KND][KND][h homing]

d/f+1+2 [][-90000][FDHT][FDHT][LL, Usually a NC but the 1st/2nd hit can sometimes whiff if off axis]

d/b+1+2,1+2 [i16][-16,-14][-6,JG][+3?,JG][mm, NCc, delayable]

f,f+1+2,2 [][at least -13][KND][KND][mm, NC. You can pickup after f,f+1+2. 2nd hit leaves in FC]

ff+1+2,1+2[][-13,-16][KND,KND][KND,KND][ml, NC, second hits high crush]

WS+1+2,1+2,1+2 [][all launch punishable][JG,KD,FDHT][JG,KD,FDHT][mmL, 1st 2 and last 2 hits NC. 1st 2 hits lead to B!]

FC,d/f+1+2 [][-16?][KD][KD]l, high crush, Leaves in FC]

b+3,2,2 [i16][-9,-6,-9][+2,-1,KND][+2,-1,KND][mhh, 1st 2 hits NC, no jail on block]

d/f+3,2_WS 3,2 [i16][safe, -13?][KD][KD][mh, NC and 2nd hit delayable. Does not jail on block]

d/b+3 [][][][][L]
=1+2 [N/A][][][][h, NC or NCc?]
=d+1+2 [N/A][N/A][KD][KD][crouch throw]
=4,3,4,3,4 [N/A][][][][LLLLL]

f,f+3 [i25][+2][FDHT][FDHT][M, B!, free d/f+1+2 or d/b+4 on hit]

4 [][][][KD][h]

f+4 [][][][KD][h]

b+4,4 [][safe -,?][?,KD][?,KD][mM, 2nd hit B! NCc?]

d_FC+4 [i16][-9][+2][+?][l, High crush?]

d/f+4 [i12][][+7?][+7?][m]

d/b+4 [][-12?][][][L, high crush, Leaves in FC]

f,f+4 [-16][-9][KND][KND][m]

WS 4 [i11][-6?][+5?][+5?][m]

3+4 (3+4,3+4,3+4,3+4) [][N/A][KD][KD][M, All crush]

f+3+4 [i21][-12][KD][KD][m, high crush]

d/f+3+4 [i13][-22][KD][KD][m]

u/f+3+4_SIT 3+4 [][-32][+10][KD][M, Ends in SIT]

f,f+3+4 [][-9000][FDHT][FDHT][m at start, L at end]

d/f+1+3 [][slight +?][KD/throw][KD/throw][throw~mid, Will connect as throw on standing opponent, or hit ducking opponent. Ends FDHT if no throw. 1+2 ender breaks floors]

f+4~1 [slow][N/A][KD][KD][h?]

f+4~1,2 [slow][+12][FDHT][FDHT][M]

SIT 1,2,1,2 [][][][]LLLL, NC. Ends in SIT]

SIT 1+2 [][]-15?[KD][KD][m, Ends in SIT]

FUFT d+1+2 [][safe][KD][KD][m, Ends in SIT]

d/b+2+3 [i12?][N/A][+13][+13][Throw that leaves opponent in FC and Jack standing at +13. crouch throw_d/f+3+4 are free followups with JF timing. Breaks through breakable floors]

Let's get cracking guys!

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