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Originally posted by QDogg
The Mandarian - What's up man? Wow, you're still an addict for this game-that's great. I know I don't go out seeking TTT games but I'm always up to play if others are playing. TTT is like Super Turbo of the Tekken series. You don't see a lot of players of today going back to play it though, but I can understand why. Overall, it's still a great game and probably the peak of Tekken in the USA, IMO.

I'm definitely still an addict for TTT...! Good to see hear from you though, if you're back in the northeast I'd love to meet up again for some games. That Yoshi/Eddy team was too good!
But, yeah I can understand why people wouldn't go back to TTT...It probably seems like a dry, rigorous game that is just outdated. While I don't at all feel that way, I can empathize with people, especially because it's really just about what's more fun to the individual...I mean, it's not really a moral issue where people are acting irresponibly if they choose to play one game over the other...

Catfish, unfortunately, EVO no longer holds TTT as a featured tournament game. A good number of people were getting together to play casuals, so maybe there could have been an unofficial tournament if we really tried to organize.
I think the most recent Electric Cancel tournament held TTT though...
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