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The amount of information buried in Tekken Tag was incredible, and it really is something special that high-level play was able to be conceptualized and reconceptualized so many times. But even if that information has been mined completely, there really is enormous room for the player to refine and develop his interface with the game..i.e. play style, strategy, spacing, execution. Even if we have an idea of what the perfect player would look like, there is still so much room to improve...for most of us anyway. Could Qudans or KBM get much better? Maybe, maybe not...I guess that's an interesting question.

Is it going to be more fun to move on to an inferior game with different features and rules just because there is proportianately more factual information to discover? Maybe for some people, but not for me. I say there's still plenty more fun to be had with Tag.

I can't know for sure if I'll feel this way 3 years from now, but if I still have friends to play with and there is still good comp to seek out, I probably will.

Look at SSFT2!
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