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T3, TTT and DR in there own rights have clear reasoning for being respected. However TTT has the only true claim to fame.

TTT was the beginning of an Era. Undeniable fact, with wavedash, 3xEWGF, DEWGF, Tech Catch Setups / Combos, the bar being raised consistently for near on SIX years. The level of play at a constant steep incline. People advancing and the top end players constantly getting better with the mid range barely able to reach them.

It seemed every tournament had something new to offer.

Crazy Legs
WM Showboat Combo
Infinate Kick Destruction
Anti Mishima Changs
Bruce Dominance
Mishima Lightdash
King / A.King Lightdash
A.King Turtle (Not indestructable, just Unconkable )

The bar shifted and the level of play changed so rapidly that it seemed almost every tournament had something amazing to it. JoP and his ogres. Slips and his eddy. Ryan being beaten by an italian guy using Changs ( forgot his name ) new tag combos, new setups, new moves ( Pimp Walk WINS ) HotdogSakuras study of wangs Shimmy Step showing that its complexity was drawn on amazing and is today STILL possibly the most complex JF ( if not most useless ) in any Tekken game bar none. The variation of getting a -6 on block, -13 on block, a complete whiff on block, no low to a step in lift and if I recall there are a few others I have missed. Created possibly some of the most amazing discussion threads in ever.

Tekken Tag Tournament was the beginning, and I believe the end of an Era.

Nothing will ever compare to its greatness. I salute those of you that still delve into its depths in hopes of finding a sliver of something new that has not been mined from it.

But after almost 8 years now, Psticks, entire groups dedicated to finding just frames, instant timed juggles, flash, flare, and amazing matchups with some of the best come backs in any game to date. I'm afraid theres not really much left for us old schoolers.

The truth to Tekken Tag Tournament, there is too much information there for any single person to completely comprehend. An encyclopedia of pure information about Tekken Tag Tournement, known glitches, strategies, anti character strategies, character abuse, tag techniques, anti glitch techniques, just frames, guaranteed combo setups ..

Not only due to character volume but sheer AMOUNT. It dwarfs any other game I have ever play. And god forbid any that will ever be made in the future. TTT's complexity had many of us mining for many, many years. I can think of no other game to date that had the kind of brutal manipulation and hammering that TTT had while constantly delivering on a regular basis.

Long Live

Tekken Tag Tournament

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